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The CMS Dilemma: Strategic Content Management - Presented at #IMA2013


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Is there a strategic approach to content management that best serves the needs of local stations, our networks, and most importantly our users and communities? During this two-part session we’ll be doing some heavy lifting to develop a roadmap for content management at your station and beyond. During the first hour, we’ll review a Brief History of the CMS, and how considerations about content management have shifted from publishing web pages to distribution across diverse platforms and services. We’ll then ask you to contribute your challenges, frustrations, and insights, and compile a set of shared definitions and requirements for online content management. During the second hour, we'll address the topics raised in the first part and look for solutions with our panelists from NPR Digital Services and PBS Interactive.

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The CMS Dilemma: Strategic Content Management - Presented at #IMA2013

  1. 1. Web Content Evolution paleozoic through cenozoic
  2. 2. Hello.• 90-93 Sound, video, events• 93-96 CD-ROMs• 96-00 Internet Startups• 01-04 Contract• 04-08 Ecommerce• 08-11 School• 09-Now Public Media
  3. 3. The Hand Built Era• Making simple documents• Every view a custom view• Every Producer knows HTML
  4. 4. The CMS Era• Turning data into documents• Limited views from matching data to templates• Producer/Technologist schism
  5. 5. The Application Era• Adding interaction to documents• Limited views change in response to actions• Producer/User Exp./Data Management schism
  6. 6. The Distribution Era• Publishing documents where the users are• Limited views change by platform, device, actions• Who manages distribution business?
  7. 7. TaxonomyIs Everything. In Biology.
  8. 8. TaxonomyIs Everything. In Biology.And in serving your customers.
  9. 9. Slideshare: “BBC Beyond the Polar Bear
  10. 10. Domain Driven Design
  11. 11. Key Needs• Standardized Domain Models Taxonomies• Access to Multiple Datasources• Easily Customized Templates• Automated Distribution• More Producer/Technologists
  12. 12. Google These• BBC Beyond the Polar Bear • Slide Deck on Domain Driven Redesign• Blue Collar Rocket Science • My blog, with breakdown of NYT Snow Fall front-end