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PH Modern July2012


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High Design meets High Performance - a short tour of 4 PH projects in Italy and Austria. Goldmine behind links.

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PH Modern July2012

  1. 1. PASSIVE HOUSE MODERN Images: Bronwyn Barry: Weisenseer factory, PH multi-family, straw bale cottages - AustriaHigh Performance + High DesignEye-candy for architects and designersAn armchair journey to share my travel carbon footprintA selection of recently visited projects built to the Passive House StandardBronwyn Barry | 2012
  2. 2. Meet a few others on the bus Michael Tribus Ernst Heiduk Bjorn Kierulf Ludwig Rongen Helmut Krapmeier Olaf Reiter
  3. 3. Wherethefeck are we?Images:, Bronwyn Barry
  4. 4. More specifically:Images:, Bronwyn Barry
  5. 5. New multi-family project, Bolzano Images: Bronwyn Barry
  6. 6. Certification required in contractArchitect: Michael Tribus, www.michaeltribus.comInteresting fire & thermal separation details4 separate Units, underground parking Images: Bronwyn Barry
  7. 7. Office Building, BolzanoArchitect: Michael Tribus, Images: Bronwyn Barry & www.michaeltributs.com1st Office Building PH in Italy, 2005Originally a Post Office, c.1954
  8. 8. Certified CasaClima Gold Images: Bronwyn Barry
  9. 9. Straw Bale Cottages, Lana Images: Bronwyn Barry
  10. 10. Plans and detailsArchitect: Werner Schmidt with Margareta Schwarz3 Rental cottages with 1 common roomLoad-bearing straw bale built in 4 months, 2006 Images: Bronwyn BarryInfo:
  11. 11. Images: Bronwyn Barry
  12. 12. Images: Bronwyn Barry
  13. 13. Hidden under vinesImages: Bronwyn Barry
  14. 14. Weissenseer Factory, GreifenburgImages: website image
  15. 15. Images: website image,
  16. 16. Weissenseer Factory DetailsPassive House Office & Factory, courtyard and ‘worldssmallest factory’ Images: Bronwyn Barry: Weisenseer factory, AustriaWaste heat from compressors in factory re-used as underfloor heating, backup source is District HeatingArchitect: unknownBuilder: Weissenseer
  17. 17. Row Houses, Patriasdorf, LienzArchitect: Peter Jungmann17 Terraced units built from 2003-2008PHPP- HD: 8.80 kWh/m2a, HL: 8.7W/m2, ACH 0.6 1/hInfo:
  18. 18. Unfinished Larch cladding
  19. 19. Offset concrete carport & balcony
  20. 20. Thank you!We’ve only scratched the surface… Barry | 2012
  21. 21. Now for a few here in the US Image credit: The Jewel Box Passive House by the Artisans Group