What Not to Do: The 10 Most Common API Mistakes


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The Bronto API is a key tool for integrating your systems data with Bronto. Understanding all of the various aspects and features of the API will help maximize the full potential of the system, driving revenue and ensuring customer engagement. Along the way, you may come across issues with your integration. This presentation will explore some of the common issues developers have when integrating with the Bronto API along with tips and tricks that will make the integration as painless as possible.

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What Not to Do: The 10 Most Common API Mistakes

  1. 1. What Not To Do:The 10 Most Common API Mistakes
  2. 2. None of my date fields aresaving?API Date Formats
  3. 3. API Date Formats•  Standard ISO 8601 Combined Date and Time format•  2013-03-17T00:23:00YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS•  All date/time is stored as UTC•  Time zone offsets the API Input or the•  Output•  2013-03-17T00:23:00-4:00YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS-Offset
  4. 4. Why do I get invalid sessionserrors?Session Refresh
  5. 5. Session RefreshAlways keep it fresh!Sessions will timeout after 20minutes of inactivitySession Ids must stay the samewhen paging through results.
  6. 6. None of my contacts statuschanges are being saved?Contact Status Change
  7. 7. Contact Status ChangeStatus can only be updated byusing the updateContacts functionStatus update removed fromthe addOrUpdateContacts function
  8. 8. Why are my API deliveries beingskipped?Transactional vs. Triggered
  9. 9. Transactional vs. TriggeredWhat is a Triggered email?What is a Transactional email?Set your delivery type correctly.
  10. 10. What is an API Id and where can I getit?Using API Ids instead of named elements
  11. 11. Using API IdsWhere can I find API Ids?API calls or Bronto UIUse Ids as they are a faster read and write
  12. 12. Why was my contact removed fromall lists but one?List Management
  13. 13. List ManagementRemember to always read before you write.**All API functions are an overwrite, not an append.
  14. 14. Is there a way to process more thanone record at a time?Batch Processing
  15. 15. Batch ProcessingBatch processing can be up to 4x faster.Example: updateContacts function with 500 contactobjects**Try to limit the total elements per call to 5000
  16. 16. My API calls are no longer working,that code has not been touched inyears!Logging
  17. 17. LoggingLog it, Log it All!§  Log the error that the API returns.§  Log the SOAP request that went out.§  Log the SOAP response.
  18. 18. LoggingTrap, Wait and Retry.•  Timeouts•  Connection issues•  Etc.
  19. 19. Why cant I connect to the API rightnow?Queuing
  20. 20. QueuingSo what do you do when you cantconnect?Sit, Wait, Panic...Build a Queue!Queuing helps to alleviate issues or processing when:•  Processes are running slow•  Connectivity issues arise•  Maintenance windows
  21. 21. Why is my order data not notupdating properly?Orders and Conversions
  22. 22. Orders and ConversionsConversions lock data when they are added to the system.Items that cannot be modified.•  Contact ID•  Message ID•  Delivery IDIf an order already exists in the system and does not have acontact ID on the record, the order will need to be deleted andre-entered in order to associate that order to the contactcorrectly.
  23. 23. Thank you for attending…