Welcoming Workflows: The importance of courting your customer


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In today's ever changing market, we are always trying to find a way to be the front and center in a customer's mind. We will reiterate the importance of "courting" the customer and building brand value with the right mix of promotional and informational communications and demonstrate how easy it is to use the workflows and set your brand up for a really awesome welcome series.

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  • Lifecycle marketing: shift from a funnel viewpoint to a circular model often based on RFM (define: recency, frequency, monetary value)
  • Lifecycle marketing: shift from a funnel viewpoint to a circular model often based on RFM (define: recency, frequency, monetary value)
  • Lifecycle marketing: shift from a funnel viewpoint to a circular model often based on RFM (define: recency, frequency, monetary value)
  • Welcoming Workflows: The importance of courting your customer

    1. 1. Welcoming Workflows:The Importance of Courting yourCustomer
    2. 2. Laura Santos – Envelopes.comAubrey Jones -BrontoIt’s nice to meet you!
    3. 3. Envelopes.comHmmm….I wonder what they do?40 Year Old – Privately Held – Envelope & StationeryCompany based in Amityville, NY. (Yes, that one, theone with the “Horror” house.)
    4. 4. Welcome Series……What is it?A welcome series is just that, a series of messages thatwelcomes the contact with the purpose of building along term relationship.…Why do I need one?Front of mind means front of wallet.
    5. 5. Or in other words….…a welcome series is like creating an attractiveonline dating “About Me” section…which often includes:-a brief description of what you are passionate aboutor thankful for-a couple of things your friends say about you-the first thing people notice about you (other thanappearance)-five things you can’t live without, and the latest goodbook you’ve read.
    6. 6. Why is the 1st message so important?-1st welcome message has the highest open across allmessages-Sets the stage for the continued experience andrelationship with the brand-Use prime email advertising real estate to grab thecontact’s attention and push your message across,loud & clear
    7. 7. 1st Welcome Message-Be clear on who you are.Use recognizable branded messageassets.-Set expectations up front.Tell the contact what you’ll be sendingand how often.-Offer an easy exit strategy.Make sure the contact knows how easyit is to unsubscribe. It’s better to find outnow that they’re not interested then 10messages down the road.
    8. 8. Be Recent, Follow Up & Follow Through-Don’t wait too long forthat 2nd message-Follow up with what waspromised and keep theexcitement going-Give them a reason to likeyou, heck, give them thetop 10 reasons they shouldlike you!
    9. 9. Keep the Love Train Coming……Give them insider secrets-Share special featuresabout your site, brand orcompany-Make it easy for contactsto come back and share alittle more info on eachwelcome message-Envelopes.com wants toshare how easy it is to shopon the site by featuring the“ways to shop”.
    10. 10. More Fun and Exciting Features……Sharing is caring,prospects want to feel likethey’re fully informedbefore they make apurchase–Show them how easy andpainless buying on yourwebsite can be and they’llfeel at ease- At Envelopes.com wefeature our Re-orderCenter as a quick way tomake repeat purchases
    11. 11. Be Social & Take a Step Back-Where else can contacts interact with your brand?Give them a community perspective of how youoperate–It’s time to get off your soap box and let others sharethe good, and sometimes bad, about your brand-You think you know, but you have no idea.At Envelopes.com we tested a few social campaignsin the welcome series. It’s interesting to see whattactic actually worked versus what tactic you thoughtwas a clear winner.
    12. 12. Social Experiment
    13. 13. It’s Time to Meet the Friends……Forward to a Friendcampaigns are a greatway to build listmembership–What’s better than havinga loyal customer vouch foryour brand? Freemarketing, if you ask me.- Brand Advocates can bepowerful tools and shouldbe rewarded with specialattention
    14. 14. Famous Words “We need to talk”……The Dreaded “Talk”Don’t be afraid!-Listen to what the contactwants and let them set theboundaries, in email talkthat means: let themmanage their preferences-Remember, receivingfewer wanted messages isalways better than sendingmore frequent un-wantedmessages. (Nobody likes astalker!)
    15. 15. Keep the Flame Burning……Content is king!People love to read aboutpeople just like them.–Think about featuringcustomers with their veryown spotlight story ornewsletter-At Envelopes.com wefeature customer projects.You’d be amazed on whatpeople are willing to shareand in turn how successfulthose campaigns are.
    16. 16. Things to Keep in Mind…-Different Strokes for Different FolksSend them different messages based on where theycame from. (site webform, social media, businesscard fishbowl, in-store, etc.-People want to be recognized, so personalize thewelcome messages with dynamic content-Collect DATA, DATA, DATA and then analyze it!If you’re collecting data and not analyzing…then it’suseless.-Find what works best for your brand through testing.TEST Everything…length of series, content, creative,offers, message sequence, etc.
    17. 17. Our Current Pride & Joy!
    18. 18. Get in the Node! Workflows are the best thing since sliced bread!...says Me!  -Workflows are an easy way to start lights out marketing. Once you start, you’ll be addicted and asking your self what else can I put into the workflows? -Just remember, only one trigger can be used per workflow, so put your thinking cap on and start sending. Take it Away, Aubrey!
    19. 19. Welcoming Workflows:The Importance of Courting yourCustomer
    20. 20. Laura Santos – Envelopes.comFollow @ecomgrlEmail: laura@envelopes.com