The Essential Post Purchase Message: No Marketer Should Leave Home Without It


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This presentation will guide you through post purchase lifecycle messaging that will drive sales and generate repeat buyers. How much does it cost you to acquire new customers? Are you finding that they purchase once and then leave? You are losing customers every day, but chances are it has nothing to do with your products. It’s how you treat customers after the sale. This session will lay out proven post purchase messages that entice customers to come back and become repeat buyers along with how a post purchase series can help you stand out from the competition.

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The Essential Post Purchase Message: No Marketer Should Leave Home Without It

  1. 1. The Essential PostPurchase Messaging: NoMarketer Should LeaveHome Without ItKestrel LemenMarketing Strategist@KestrelBird
  2. 2. Numbers to consider71% of consumers have ended theirrelationship with a company due to poorcustomer serviceSource:
  3. 3. Numbers to considerThe average value of a lost customer in the USis $289Source:
  4. 4. Numbers to consider61% of consumers take their business to acompetitor when they end a businessrelationshipSource:
  5. 5. Numbers to consider68% of customers leave because of thetreatment they receivedBUT only 14% are leaving because they aredissatisfied with the product/service.SERIOUSLY!?Source:
  6. 6. Standing out drives revenuePic of walmart vs. anthropology
  7. 7. Standing out drives revenue……
  8. 8. Cost of Acquisition vs. RetentionIt costs 5x more to acquire a newcustomer then to retain one…Wait… 6xNO it’s 8x!NO that’s wrong, clearly it’s 10x…OMG the world is ending itCOSTS 20x more to acquire anew customer then to retainone… Really?
  9. 9. A quick reminder…..Transactional messagesvs.Promotional messages
  10. 10. Transactional messages• 80/20 rule
  11. 11. Post purchase messages?• Promotional messaging• Lifecycle marketing, highly targeted• Set it and forget it• Drive future sales• Build brand recognition and loyalty
  12. 12. Bounce back• Say thanks• Incentive
  13. 13. Bounce back• When is this sent?• Why should I send it?
  14. 14. Informational• Be Clear• CustomerService• Cross/Upsells
  15. 15. Informational• Video
  16. 16. Informational• How can you help your new customer?•  Helpful = Valuable• How can this promote the next sale or yourbrand image?• Specific or general?
  17. 17. Review• Feedback• Productspecific
  18. 18. Review• Clear directions• Generic
  19. 19. Review• Do you currently collect reviews on your site?• Why are Reviews useful for my marketingprogram?• “Why would I want to leave a review?”• “What if I had a terrible experience?”
  20. 20. Refer a friend• Clear message• Incentive
  21. 21. Refer a friend• “What’s in it for me?”• “Is this hard to figure out?”
  22. 22. Refill reminder• Seriously?
  23. 23. Refill reminder• Generic• Clear CTA• Lots of ideas
  24. 24. Refill reminder• “How does this help me?”• Does a refill/reorder reminder make since foryour company?• How can you use your brand voice in amessage like this?
  25. 25. Other messages to consider• Tips and Tricks• Product care• Product/Customer Service survey• Product Recommendations (upsell/cross sell)• Forward to a Friend• Social introduction
  26. 26. Outside the box?
  27. 27. Who gets your post purchase series?
  28. 28. Testing!!!
  29. 29. In conclusion…Buyers are valuable let’s keep them!Brand recognition + the relationship you havewith your customers = Repeat buyers
  30. 30. In conclusion…Bounce backInformationalReviewRefer a friendRefill reminderGet creative!?!Control the post purchase seriesTest for timing/promotion/message
  31. 31. Kestrel LemenMarketing Strategist@KestrelBird