Tales from the Air - Looking at Your Consumers from 30,000 Feet


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You engage with your customers on so many fronts - eMail, PPC, SEO, CSE, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Display Ads, In-Store, Print Media, and maybe even TV. Now we have to think about devices - Computers, Tablets, Smartphones, and maybe even Game consoles - to keep that consumer experience consistent. This presentation will look at how we view the BIG PICTURE and how we can K.I.S.S.

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Tales from the Air - Looking at Your Consumers from 30,000 Feet

  1. 1. Tales from the Air -Looking at YourConsumers from 30,000Feet
  2. 2. IntroductionsChris ReighleyDirector of eBusiness@chrisreighley#BSUM
  3. 3. Lets go on for a ride….
  4. 4. What do Customers WantSource: Shop.orgQuestion: How important are thefollowing when shopping online?
  5. 5. Mobile Device OwnershipSmartphones•  Over 120 millionU.S. consumersown asmartphone.•  Accounts formore than halfof all mobilephone users.•  Increase of 20million in pastyearTablet Devices•  Over 48 million U.S.consumers own atablet device.•  300% growth inpast yearSource: comScore
  6. 6. What do our Customers want?According to a recent study,customers buy online because:•  81% shop online because theycan shop any time of the day.•  77% said they like to save time.•  56% said they like it becausethey can find things easily.17
  7. 7. Black Box ModelEnvironmental Factors Buyer’s Black Box Buyer’sResponseMarketingStimuliEnvironmentalStimuliBuyerCharacteristicsDecisionProcess•  Product•  Price•  Place•  Promotion•  Economic•  Technological•  Political•  Cultural•  Demographic•  Natural•  Attitudes•  Motivation•  Perceptions•  Personality•  Lifestyle•  Knowledge•  ProblemRecognition•  InformationSearch•  AlternativeEvaluation•  PurchasingDecision•  Post-PurchaseBehavior•  ProductChoice•  BrandChoice•  DealerChoice•  PurchaseTiming•  PurchasingAmount
  8. 8. WAIT A SECOND……We are looking at theweeds.Lets get back inthe clouds!!
  9. 9. Decision ProcessProblem RecognitionInformation SearchAlternative EvaluationPurchase DecisionPost-Purchase Behavior
  10. 10. Be A Problem Solver for your CustomerOur prime purpose inthis life is to helpothers. And if youcant help them, atleast dont hurt them.Dalai Lama
  11. 11. What Type of Email are you Sending???•  When you are sending emails, what isthe purpose? What part of theConsumer Decision Marking Processare you messaging to??•  Are you measuring your emailsdifferently based on the type ofemails?•  Are you only working the “Purchasing”decision with your emails?
  12. 12. So, now what are YOUR PROBLEMS???
  13. 13. Solve YOUR problems bySolving the CUSTOMERSproblems
  14. 14. Take Points:1. Get out of the weeds and get intothe clouds – it’s about solving thecustomers problems.2. When you communicate with acustomer, what is the purpose? Doyou recognize the decision makingprocess?3. Solve YOUR problems by Solvingthe CUSTOMERS problems.
  15. 15. We will be knowfor the problemswe solve.
  16. 16. Tales from the Air -Looking at YourConsumers from 30,000Feet