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Sublime Segmentation Strategies


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Segmentation is an important part of any successful email marketing effort, particularly as consumers are beginning to expect brands to send them personalized correspondence. Learn a variety of techniques when segmenting your email list to ensure top performing campaigns. From potential data points to expected gains in open rates, you will learn the power targeted messages. Ensure your consumer base is fully engaged and see the results through your email revenue.

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Sublime Segmentation Strategies

  1. 1. SublimeSegmentation Strategies
  2. 2. James LuterekeCommerce Strategy ManagerGlobal Value
  3. 3. My New Bag
  4. 4. SegmentationIf you’re not thinking segments,you’re not thinking. To thinksegments means you have to thinkabout what drives customers,customer groups, and the choicesthat are or might be available tothem.- Levitt, Marketing Imagination
  5. 5. You are already ahead!Despite the fact that targetedsends have a 40% higher open rate,80% of marketers are still emailingthe same content to all subscribers.
  6. 6. Starting OutMy first experience with segments.
  7. 7. Our first Ladies EmailResults:§  50% higher Open Rate§  Click-Through-Rate: 100%§  Orders: 13§  Revenue: $1,000
  8. 8. Know how to judge!RPM RPE
  9. 9. Know how to judge!RPMRevenuePerThousandRPERevenuePerEmail
  10. 10. Open RateOpen Rates increase anaverage of 20%GlobalGolf’s Segments have anOpen Rate 59% higher than normalnewsletters.
  11. 11. Click-Through RateClick-Through Rates increase anaverage of 50%GlobalGolf’s Segments have anOpen Rate 56% higher than normalnewsletters.
  12. 12. Conversion RateConversion Rates increase anaverage of 40%GlobalGolf’s Segments have anOpen Rate 77% higher than normalnewsletters.
  13. 13. Have you noticed a trend?Always useRATESwhen comparing segments.
  14. 14. Building Segments
  15. 15. Types of SegmentsDemographicsPreferenceBehavior
  16. 16. What makes a good segment.
  17. 17. Click-Through Data
  18. 18. Click-Through Data
  19. 19. Order HistoryExclusions:•  Customers who have purchasedrecently•  or already purchased the productbeing promoted.
  20. 20. Order HistoryUpgrade Cycle•  Calculate how long customers wait toreplace an item in order to retarget.•  Send reminders on consumables.
  21. 21. Order HistoryCompanion Products•  Customers who bought X also enjoy Y•  Driver -> Fairway•  Pants -> Matching Shirts•  Electronics -> Batteries•  Camera -> Accessories, Cases, Lenses
  22. 22. Customer Profile•  Brand Loyalty•  Favorite Color•  Price Point•  Clearance Shopper•  Size•  Dexterity•  Location•  Time of Day
  23. 23. Customer Profile… and of course Gender.§  1-3 Ladies emails / month§  Ladies landing page§  Larger selection ladies products
  24. 24. Engagement•  Increase send frequency to highlyengaged subscribers.•  Segment unengaged subscribers tolower frequency to ensure they don’tbecome overwhelmed.
  25. 25. Just Ask!
  26. 26. Manage Preferences WebformWebforms are easy tocreate in the Brontosystem and can be ahighly effective way ofcollecting Information.
  27. 27. Manage Preferences WebformAsk to manage preferences at:•  Sign-Up•  Welcome Email (or part of series)•  Footer of every email•  Re-engagement Emails•  After Conversion (what do they need next?)•  Before unsubscribe (Lower frequency)
  28. 28. But…
  29. 29. Re-Use Designs§  Resend to new subscribers§  Change colors
  30. 30. Generate HTML Emails§  Use top sellers, recently viewed, new products
  31. 31. Dynamic Product ListsUse different product lists with a generic design.
  32. 32. Simply change the subject line.Location Based:•  Spring is almost here.•  The warm weather has arrived.Behavior Based:•  On Sale Now + Free Shipping•  View our newest products.Call-Out frequently ignored segments:•  New summer apparel from Nike•  Huge selection of Big&Tall summer apparel from Nike
  33. 33. Closing Thought
  34. 34. 2013 GlobalGolf to date:NewslettersSegmentsEmails Sent Revenue
  35. 35. Questions?James