Re-engagment: The Right Approach to Success


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Now that the holidays are well behind, it’s the perfect time to evaluate your subscriber list and do a re-engagement campaign! At the end of the day, you don’t want to waste your marketing dollars on subscribers that are not opening your messages and weighing down your metrics. Let’s discuss different best practice approaches to successfully handling these unengaged subscribers while helping maximize your ROI.

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Re-engagment: The Right Approach to Success

  1. 1. Re-engagement:The Right Approach toSuccessKellie Boggs, Marketing Strategist
  2. 2. Agenda for today:•  Why is list cleaning important?•  How to determine who is unengaged?•  Developing an appropriate strategy•  Next steps for those unengaged contacts
  3. 3. Why should you clean your lists?•  Unengaged contacts will drag down your metrics:•  Test Metrics•  Open Rates•  Click Through Rates•  ISP’S CARE:•  Engagement Metrics•  Inbox & Bulk Folder Placement•  It’s a best practice!
  4. 4. The Reasons continue…•  It’s always a good idea once a year to evaluate your email list•  ISP’s like to see an increase in response rates, so this will make themhappy!•  At the day end of the day cleaning your list will save you money•  Overall, you will have a clean list and the good news is this is supereasy to do in Bronto!
  5. 5. Step 1: Define Unengaged
  6. 6. Use the Clean Functionality in Bronto•  Pull all your contacts that haven’t opened the last 50 ormore emails into a new list
  7. 7. Step 1: Identify the Non-Openers•  The option you select should represent 3-6 months worth ofmessages
  8. 8. Step 2: Define Your Strategy
  9. 9. Step 2: Create a 3-Part Email Series•  Day 1: Initial re-engagement message•  Day 5: Strongest offer•  Day 9: Make up or Break up message
  10. 10. Message #1: Strong offer•  Make this offer much stronger than the offers your subscribers areused to seeing from you•  Use a Call to Action that is straightforward and stands out in themessage•  You want to use subject lines that grab their attention:•  Our Gift to You•  We Miss You, enjoy 30% off
  11. 11. Re-engagement Message 1 ExampleSense ofUrgency
  12. 12. Re-engagement Message 1 ExampleClear CTA
  13. 13. Message #2: Strongest offer•  This message should include the strongest incentive that you canoffer•  Use a subject line that is attention getting•  Play up the urgency factor•  Let your subscribers know how long they have to take advantageof that special incentive•  Take the time to remind these subscribers the benefits of being onyour list and what they will be missing out on
  14. 14. Re-engagement Message 2 ExampleHighlights thatthis is their bestoffer!
  15. 15. Re-engagement Message 2 ExampleCoupon CodeExpiring
  16. 16. Re-engagement Message 2 ExampleOffer valid for1 day!
  17. 17. Message #3: Make up or Break up?!•  Give your subscribers the option to click on a link to continue toreceive emails from you, or to unsubscribe•  Be sure to also let them know what will happen if they do notrespond (ex: You will no longer receive email from us)•  Make sure you give these contacts a time frame such as one weekto respond•  Have some fun with the message by using different text, or imageryto make the message stand out
  18. 18. Re-engagement Message 3 ExampleTwo ClearCTA’s
  19. 19. Re-engagement Message 3 ExampleTwo ClearCTA’sAttentionGrabbingSubjectLine
  20. 20. Step 3: Thank You Page•  Once a contact has clicked on that confirm link point them to athank you page on your website•  If you cannot create this on your site, then optimize the thank youpage under Bronto webforms•  Be sure to thank the subscriber and provide engaging links to getthem shopping•  Consider being playful with your content in a way that makessense for this group of subscribers.•  For example your call to action could be: “Check out these new stylesyou may have missed”
  21. 21. Thank You Page Example.Clear CTAto engageshopping!
  22. 22. Welcome Series ExampleMessage1Message2Message3
  23. 23. Optimize Re-engagement Strategy•  Test subject lines:•  Come back & Save!•  We Miss You!•  We’re sorry its been so long!•  Test offers:•  Free Shipping•  % Off•  $ Amount Off•  Free Gift with Purchase•  You will want to automate the “best of the best” win-backmessages.•  Note to self: The more html text the better!
  24. 24. Re-engagement Checklistq  Isolate inactive contacts using the clean function in Brontoq  Create the messages for your re-engagement seriesq  Create any necessary offer codesq  Determine Testing Strategyq  Launch campaignq  Monitor results
  25. 25. Step 4: Now What?
  26. 26. Get rid of the Non-Responders•  You need to unsubscribe those subscribers who did not click theconfirmation link•  To do this use the click overlay report in Bronto to identify thosecontacts who did not click on the confirm link and then add themto a list•  Unsubscribe this segment of people by reimporting that list as“unsubscribes” in Bronto
  27. 27. What are my other options?•  There is a lot of talk in the industry about “removing inactives” fromyour list, so whatever you decide create a plan & go with it!•  Suppress these contacts from your regular sends:•  Lower sending cadence•  Send around the holidays•  Send hard-hitting deals•  If choosing to suppress instead of unsubscribe, be sure to watchand monitor those contacts
  28. 28. What’s Next…
  29. 29. What to do with those engaged contacts?•  Add them to separate list in Bronto and send to them separately•  Send to them at a lower cadence•  Continue to monitor them•  Be thoughtful with messages that you send to them•  Send to them around the holidays
  30. 30. Increasing Engagement Moving Forward•  Create a Manage Preference campaign to capture responses andprovide segmentation information. This will:•  allow you to have more targeted information on your subscribers•  make the subscribers feel like you care and they can control theirsubscription•  Consider incentivizing with a contest or coupon for those thatupdate•  Make sure you have a strong thank you page that providesdirections for collecting the offer/discount
  31. 31. There is more……•  Send out a survey & ask subscribers what they would like to receivefrom you, or what they like about your emails•  Be Creative! Test the use of video in your email•  Consider changing up your template occasionally•  Leverage lifecycle marketing to touch base at the right time, withthe right people (ex: Birthday Campaign)•  Test, Test, Test
  32. 32. Manage Preference ExampleNoincentiveClear CTA
  33. 33. Survey ExampleClearExpectations
  34. 34. Video ExampleClear CTA &Direct Linkto video
  35. 35. Birthday ExampleUtilizes anincentive
  36. 36. Takeaways•  Maintaining a clean, healthy list will benefit your email program inthe long run•  Don’t set it and forget it. Track and report and continue tooptimize!•  At the end of the day you are wasting marketing dollars on thesesubscribers, so get rid of the dead weight!•  You should want your email list to be made of subscribers that wantto hear from you, engage with you, and are going to buy from you!
  37. 37. Kellie Boggs@KellieBoggsMarketing