Omni-Channel Marketing Challenges: Working Together Amidst Sibling Rivalries


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Omni-Channel Marketing Challenges: Working Together Amidst Sibling Rivalries
Dan Owens
Senior Marketing Manager
Gander Mountain/Overton’s

When you’re a bricks-and-clicks company, you face the challenge of trying to grow one portion of the business (the e-commerce, or “clicks” side) without threatening the other (the in-store, or “bricks” side).

It’s an issue Dan Owens of Gander Mountain confronts daily. His company sells to a broad demographic of customers who have very divergent interests – hunting/guns customers vs. trail running/athletic wear customers, for example. And he’s tasked with winning the trust of his in-store retailers, who have sometimes been hesitant to direct customers to the e-commerce side of Gander Mountain for fear of losing a sale or worse, losing a customer.

In this talk, Owens will discuss some of the strategies he’s used to get past the in-store/e-commerce sibling rivalry, and help drive revenue across multiple channels for Gander Mountain. Some of these include:

· In-store sweepstakes via iPad/kiosk/terminals. These are used to collect email addresses that are then followed up with either an online-only offer or a welcome series.
· Using in-store ammo club/fishing club displays. These email sign-ups allow Gander Mountain to send targeted emails to product-specific groups.
· Free ship-to-store and free in-store pickup. This offering has helped convert customers online but has also led to ancillary purchases in-store, creating a true omni-channel experience.

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Omni-Channel Marketing Challenges: Working Together Amidst Sibling Rivalries

  1. 1. Omni-Channel Marketing Challenges: Working Together Amidst Sibling Rivalries Brick & Mortar, Catalogs, E-commerce...Can’t we all just get along?
  2. 2. Who We Are  Gander Mountain: - 131 Stores - 25 States - Privately held - Founded in 1960 - Retail, Ecommerce, Catalog - Based in St. Paul, MN  Overton’s: - 2 Stores - NC Only - Subsidiary of Gander Mtn. - Founded in 1976 - Retail, Ecommerce, Catalog - Based in Greenville, NC
  3. 3. Omni-Challenges You can please some of the people some of the time...
  4. 4. Our Challenges  Convincing Store-side Management and Associates that e- commerce can help them.  Training E-commerce, Mobile & Catalog Teams in retail sales tactics & lingo.  Knowing our customer, no matter what the channel.  Developing strategies to create a ‘true’ omni-channel customer and keeping those shopping channels as SEAMLESS as possible.  Move forward with what works, leaving behind what is no longer relevant or effective.
  5. 5. Convincing the Store Managementthat...  E-commerce is not the devil  E-commerce can help more than it can hurt  E-commerce knows your customer better than you  E-commerce is a store’s best advertising  E-commerce is not the competition
  6. 6. Training the E-commerce Team on...  The typical retail store customer  Retail store lingo and jargon  Customer Service within the retail marketplace, and how it’s different  Retail advertising and promotion schedules  Importance of face-to- face and customer interaction in retail to build brand loyalty
  7. 7. Knowing the customer’s...  Demographics  Shopping habits  Store preferences  Interests  Hot buttons  Seasons  Passions  Data  For ALL CHANNELS!
  8. 8. Developing strategies that include...  In-store & Online Sweepstakes  In-store & Online “Clubs”  Mobile & SMS messaging  Online Purchase and Pickup  Email/SMS “In-store Only” Coupons  Geo-targeted Flyer/Ad distribution  In-store Website purchasing & POS shipping  Web ordering discounts for Catalog customers
  9. 9. Moving forward when things don’t work...  Generic ads and offers that confuse customers and make channels blurry  Relevancy of channels  Lack of communication between channel decision makers  Separate styles and messages between the channels
  10. 10. Working Together Channeling your inner Omni – Communicate and innovate
  11. 11. Creating an Omni-Channel Customer
  12. 12. Store to web/mobile strategies...
  13. 13. Creating an Omni-Channel Customer
  14. 14. Creating an Omni-Channel Customer
  15. 15. The End Game? Everybody wins
  16. 16. What’s the pay off?  Omni-Channel Customers spend 15% more than duel channel customers  Omni-Channel Customers spend 30% more than single- channel customers  Omni-Channel Customers are more likely to be brand loyal  Omni-Channel Customers are socially influential
  17. 17. Questions? Dan Owens Senior Marketing Manager @danowens01 252-355-7600 x 1002