Love Your Customers…..Or Someone Else Will!


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"Love your customers"? While that sentiment may seem strong to some, it is essential to the success of Canvas On Demand. Customer satisfaction is so 20th century. To succeed in today's highly competitive online environment, you need to embrace your customers in every way. But the real trick to growth is how that passion infuses the rest of your marketing so that prospective customers understand why they should choose you.

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Love Your Customers…..Or Someone Else Will!

  1. 1. ***Play Video Here****
  2. 2. Love Your Customersor Someone Else Will
  3. 3. What is Canvas On Demand?Rules of Loving Your Customers1.  Find Your Muse2.  Do the RIGHT Thing3.  Engage4.  Be GenuineQuestions
  4. 4. Who is Joe Schmidt?Biography§  Entreprenuership @ Ball State University§  MBA @ Boston College§  Brand Consulting – Coors Brewing, Kimberly Clark, MacGregor Golf§  Director of Marketing –§  Started Canvas On Demand§  Sold to CafePress Inc. 2010§  Most Recent: CMO of CafePress Inc.§  Newhope Church Here in Durham§  Married to Cheryl and 3 daughters – Addison, Liza and Olivia§  Questions: @joe_schmidt
  5. 5. Who is our Company?Canvas On Demand§  Started in 2003§  #283 INC 500§  BIG BREAK: HSN§  1,566,718 canvases§  200+ Employees in RaleighCafepress Inc.§  Started in 1999§  500 Different Base Products§  IPO Feb 2012§  Worldwide distribution
  6. 6. Are My Pants Too High?
  7. 7. Are My Pants Too High?
  8. 8. Are My Pants Too High?
  9. 9. 4 Rules of Loving Your Customer1. Find Your Muse2. Do the RIGHT Thing3. Engage4. Be Genuine
  10. 10. 1. Find Your MuseMeghan§  GOAL: Making our customers cry!§  Establish parity throughout org§  Give a litmus test for everything§  Allows you decide what to do…
  11. 11. ProofDidnt DoDid
  12. 12. 2. Do the RIGHT thingKey Marketing Decisions That Questioned Conventional Wisdom§  3-5 Day Delivery§  100% Money Back Guarantee§  Review Every Image§  Redo any product the customer doesn’t love§  Recommend buying less§  Applaud employees who reject mediocrity§  Empower CSRs to do whatever it takes to delight customer
  13. 13. ProofWould you purchase a fromCanvas On Demand in the future?DefinitelyProbablyNot sureProbably notDefinitely notDefinitelyProbablyNot sureProbably notDefinitely notWould you recommend Canvas OnDemand to friends and family?92% YES 94% YES
  14. 14. 3. EngageTalking to your customer where they arein a manner that fits your brand.§  Email is not just for blasting§  Social flash sales§  Doing Well by Doing Good
  15. 15. Engage: EmailCreate systems that insert you into customer’s ecosystem§  Use transactional emails in a big way – 16x24 bonus email§  True email “life cycle” campaigns§  Use Bronto (they didn’t ask me to put that there)
  16. 16. ProofOver 10,000 Customer Reviews on site!
  17. 17. Engage: Do Social Marketing
  18. 18. Engage: Do Social Marketing
  19. 19. Engage: BE Sociable§  Talk to customers where they are§  Assume they are good people§  Be grateful they are giving you their hard earned money§  Ask them to help you§  Give them “Hook-Ups”
  20. 20. Proof
  21. 21. Proof
  22. 22. Engage: Doing Well by Doing GoodMARKETING that Makes You Proud§  Operation Hi Mom§  Operation Hi Honey§  Doing GoodNearly $3,000,000 in canvas given away!
  23. 23. 4. Be Genuine***THERE IS A VIDEO HERE****
  24. 24. 4 Rules of Loving Your Customer1. Find Your Muse2. Do the RIGHT Thing3. Engage4. Be Genuine
  25. 25. QuestionsTIPS REVIEW§  Asking questions about your business is fine...BUT… Asking GREATquestions can make your business great.§  Don’t take yourself too seriously.§  Don’t accept conventional wisdom without questioning it.§  Engaging with customers is a choice we have to make everyday.§  The key to social marketing is being SOCIABLE.§  Marketing that makes you Proud… will create purpose for yourbusiness.