How Well Do You Know Your Customers? The power of personalization and customer satisfaction


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These days, email sits at the center of the Internet and is the number one channel to market to consumers. Overly frequent and irrelevant emails are two of the biggest reasons why recipients unsubscribe or hit the archive button. Personalization is the game changer for marketing, and marketers are beginning to understand that one-size-fits-all campaigns are no longer the most effective type of marketing. In today’s marketing world, it is necessary to connect with each and every individual in order to get your message across to him or her. But with just a list of email addresses, how much do you really know about your customer base? Whether seeking to acquire new customers or cultivate deeper relationships with current ones, companies must be able to recognize, segment, and engage their highest value prospects and customers in the best possible way. And they typically have a very small window to do so. The key to success is ensuring your company's message is delivered to the right customer at exactly the right time. This session (whether panel or presentation) will showcase how to leverage third-party data to help better understand your audience and effectively tailor messaging content and creative. Learn how to segment deals and offers and customize messaging instantly based on demographics and interests; which in turn will increase relevancy, boost open rates, drive revenue, and enhance your CRM. We will also provide examples on how to use this data insight to drive higher open rates, conversions, and offer users a better overall experience, while addressing the challenges of customer segmentation and personalization, how to overcome those challenges and reap its benefits.

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  • Have a great relationship with your customers is to get them engaged, and the way to get them engaged is to get to know about them, if you want knowledge you need data. Knowledge about your customer and have a better first engagement
  • people who win are going to be the ppl who are using data to get to know your customersHow do you get to know your customers right away and what do you do what that data?
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your customer-AnEmail comes into your email inbox-what do I think? …… Use data to personalize your message to the appropriate consumer
  • challenge is the longer you wait the worst your engagements are, subscriber fatigue sets in
  • Get them relevant email content—same offer, different messagingOptimize ongoing campaigns – find out whats working and selling so you can go after appropriate merchants
  • Tying it all together: Lesson learned from daily deal-Hard to get someone’s email, and your customer’s inboxes and already inundated with emails-because of that, tolerance for emails that don’t engage is low-consumers are looking for the right message from the right brandTo make that great first impression, you need third party data And a happy steve will come back to buy more, and heavily engage with your brand and your campaigns, and will tell his friends about his great experience. Cluttered world
  • When you look at the available data, what are you doing to optimize your campaigns? What data is important to your brand that you look at?
  • You want to know clicks, coversions, and opens for each combination
  • look at the impact of the performance of one creative, one subject…etc. Here shown is just one combination of 8 we have made from the slide before
  • Now, taking a closer look. Consider the impact of demographics on the performance of your campaigns for each combination;using demographics to better optimize your various campaign elements
  • What do we do with all of this? optimizing is hard-and even harder to do manuallyyou need data to really maximize the efficiency of your campaign and to draw the latest ROI out of your campaign-It’s important to understand how your customers are interacting with your campaigns and who those customers are to make the most engaging campaign possible—And then one step further, how demographicsegments interact in order to move from first impressions to lasting impressions--to keep them coming back.
  • Summing it up—typing it all together
  • How Well Do You Know Your Customers? The power of personalization and customer satisfaction

    1. 1. How Well Do YouUnderstand YourCustomers?Create Lasting First Impressions Phil Davis, GM Sales and Marketing Rapleaf
    2. 2. 294 billion emails sent per day that’s a lot of emails.*Statistic from Aug 2011
    3. 3. Stop Fighting for AttentionHow are you going to grabthe attention of yourcustomers against yourcompetition?It’s crucial to make agood first (and lasting)impression to yourcustomer
    4. 4. How Do You Make that Happen?It’s crucial to connectand engage with yourcustomers no matterwhat channel you use forcommunication. Utilizedata in order to gainknowledge about yourcustomer and create astronger engagement.
    5. 5. A Peek Into the Daily Deal Space
    6. 6. Personalize Your Content with Data Generic Email Targeted Message Blast with Data Increase Engagement Hey Phil,Hey Phil, Looking for a way to show your wife justHere’s today’s coupon. A great deal: how much she means to you?Treat yourself to a day of relaxation at Treat her to a day of relaxation at ABCABC Spa: $25 off $100 purchase. Spa. She deserves it. $25 off $100 purchase.
    7. 7. About Rapleaf
    8. 8. About RapleafWe’re the Email Guys.OUR MISSION is to help marketers Headquarters: San Francisco Satellite offices: New Yorkunderstand and target their & Chicagoaudiences.We’re consumers too, and welove it when marketing messagesare relevant to us. So we help _________________companies personalize For more information please visit our website:connections with their customersby providing real-time actionable www.rapleaf.comdata on your customers emails.
    9. 9. Understanding Your Customers
    10. 10. Get to Know Your Customer Base What Do They Look Like? Avid Need to Mommy Retirement decorate Kids are Blogger is around my new Happily the corner home Marriedexpensive
    11. 11. Use Data to Get InsightLearn More about SteveStory of location Married Male SF, CA Yes Yes Yes
    12. 12. Where Do I Get the Data?1. First party Data • Data your brand can gather by asking your customers for relevant information2. Behavioral • Metrics for clicks; analyzing how the customer interacts with your emails and communication through all channels3. Third Party • Inherit from a data provider • Get it fast with minimal work for your brand
    13. 13. Use Data to Differentiate• Get them with right offer at the right time• Get them relevant email content• Optimize ongoing campaigns• Not just email marketing-what is data telling other divisions in your company? • Improve product, sales, BD, service & more
    14. 14. The Possibilities are EndlessMake this data actionable: CUSTOMIZED OFFERS EMAIL SEGMENTATION Target deals to the relevant Segment messaging & content to demographics to increase provide a more one-to-one conversions on your offers experience. INSIGHT & ANALYTICS VIP & LOYALTY PROGRAMS Generate real-time reports to Learn about your most loyal customers analyze your audience base and and give them the VIP treatment they learn more about them. deserve.
    15. 15. Full Circle: The ResultGreat First Impressions… Hi Steve, Thanks for signing up. Hope all is well in the foggy city! Thought you might be interested in our new line of tennis shoes. Here’s a 20% offer for you and the family, but just cause we like you. Also, we’re opening more stores in San Francisco, so be sure to check them out…coming soon! -The Sports Locker …so you can make Steve happy 
    16. 16. Email Campaign Optimization
    17. 17. Taking It One Step FurtherUnderstanding Customer Interactions• Whose clicking?• Whose opening?• Who responds better to Subject lines? - Males vs. Females? - Single vs. Married? - Old vs. Young?So you can build better, more productive campaigns
    18. 18. How do You Analyze and Optimize?
    19. 19. A Closer Look …into your email campaignsEmail List800k people
    20. 20. A Closer Look …into your email campaigns Creative AEmail List800k people Creative B
    21. 21. A Closer Look …into your email campaigns Subject Line A Creative A Subject Line BEmail List800k people Subject Line A Creative B Subject Line B
    22. 22. A Closer Look …into your email campaigns Landing Page A Subject Line A Landing Page B Creative A Subject Line B Landing Page AEmail List Landing Page B800k people Subject Line A Landing Page A Creative B Landing Page B Subject Line B Landing Page A Landing Page B
    23. 23. A Closer Look …into your email campaigns Landing Page A Testing for Optimization Subject Line A Landing Page B Creative A Subject Line B Landing Page AEmail List Landing Page B800k people Subject Line A Landing Page A Creative B Landing Page B Subject Line B Landing Page A Landing Page B
    24. 24. A Closer LookCombination 1 of 8 we created: Landing Page A Subject Line A Creative AEmail List800k people Landing Page A Landing Page B Subject Line A Creative A Landing Page A Landing Page B Subject Line B Email List Creative B Landing Page A Landing Page B 800k people Subject Line A Subject Line B Landing Page A Landing Page B
    25. 25. A Closer Look Layer in demographics for each combination Gender Marital Status (1 through 8) and consider the impact on the campaign performance. Age
    26. 26. A Closer Look Layer in demographics for each combination Gender Marital Status (1 through 8) and consider the impact on the campaign performance. Age What can we do with all this data?
    27. 27. The Power of Personalization1. Get Data • As much as you can, however you can2. Maintain your data • Build a dossier of first & third party data throughout your entire customer engagement process.3. Use it! • Present your customers with the right message and the right offer to the right person at right time. Right?
    28. 28. Questions?
    29. 29. Thank You | Contact UsPhil DavisGM Sales & Marketing ServicesRapleaf667 Mission St, 4th FlSan Francisco, 94105 224.456.2300 Branch Offices: New York, NY t Chicago, IL f