How to motivate all buyer types


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Effective messaging for a modern audience

Presented by: Kestrel Lemen
Marketing Strategist @KestrelBird

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  • Effective messaging for a Modern Audience
    Regardless of your price point or brand image.
    Let’s talk about the messaging that will get people to purchase.
  • The good news is that things are heating up for ecom. The news you need to know is that the competition is heating up too!
  • Know your data!!
    Here are the two main buckets of data I find the most important.
  • Behavioral data is based on how your audience reacts to the messaging that you send. Did they open? Did they click? What did they click on? Did they convert? What did they convert on?
    This data is key because it’s going to tell you who is actually responding to your messages. If you don’t have this then we have a much more serious conversation to address after this talk
  • Behavioral data will only get you so far. If you want the juciy stuff, the info that really sticks, you need to know what people actually purchased. AOV, RPE, ROI of all of your messages. If you can get down to knowing exactly what they purchased from a message that is best because you can use that exact data to spur another purchase.
  • Data in action!
    Find the segments that give you opportunity to drive revenue.
    VIP messages are a great example of using either behavioral or purchase data to create simple segments to target your best shoppers. There are many ways you can play out a VIP message or program. Ultimately as a marketing team you need to put your heads together and figure out what the cost benefit of a VIP program could be. You could target people who have a tendency to purchase often, with a high average order value, and offer them free expedited shipping. This doesn’t discount your actual product, but could give the audience and extra incentive to purchase. Understand your audience
  • Automated messages give you the ability to work smart and target people on an individual level. Understand your audience
  • In my recent white paper I go through some examples of welcome messages that I think are particulary effective. But for you guys I wanted to give you a little extra, so here’s something you won’t find in the paper, just for you. This is a welcome message from Versace, For a brand that I’ve looked up to for years in style and beauty this is one ugly email. What 2014 fashion forward women wants a ‘newsletter’? The way the text is aligned is difficult to read… no clear call to action. And again for a brand known for stunning clothing there isn’t ANY eye candy?! Would this entice you to click through? Let alone wet your appetite for a purchase?
  • Regardless of your buyer type automated message are a way for you to add in additonal revenue streams. Best of all you basically set it and forget it.
  • You know how competitive this industry is, I explore this a lot in my paper, but for today I wanted to make sure to point out some key points about how to view your messages as vehicles for your branding message. Understand your audience
  • This may sounds like simple marketing foundations but for me it’s one of the most important things to focus on in 2014. I see the market become more and more saturated with ecom fashion retailers everyday. So how do you stand out? Let’s take a look at this examples… Understand your audience
    One really great example that shows off:
  • So here’s a pretty exteme example of standing out. This is Moosejaw, if you haven’t signed up for their emails, do it. You’ll thank me later. They go out of there way to make up redicouls emails. And it pays off. Do they have regular promotions? Of course, but they always use a very unique tone and KEEP THEIR AUDIENCE EXCITED
    One really great example that shows off:
  • Understand your audience and use effective efficient messaging by utilizing data that can be used for segmentation. Be as efficient as possible by automating personalized messages to your audience. Never forget that every message you send out is a chance to increase brand awareness and make you stand out from the pack.
  • How to motivate all buyer types

    1. 1. How to motivate all buyer types Effective messaging for a modern audience Kestrel Lemen Marketing Strategist @KestrelBird
    2. 2. Retail Facts from 2013 Online sales £91 billion Growth in online sales +17% Menswear +19% Womenswear +17%
    3. 3. Know your data Do you know them as well as you thought you did?
    4. 4. Behavioral Data • Data found based on how people interact with you
    5. 5. Purchase Behavior • What does the money say? Lapsed Purchaser • RFM, RPE, AOV, TLV • Products purchased • Abandonment
    6. 6. You don’t know what you don’t know Lapsed Purchaser
    7. 7. Automation! It’s time to work smart!
    8. 8. Welcome Message Lapsed Purchaser
    9. 9. Automated Must-Haves • • • • • • Welcome series Birthday messages Abandoned basket series Post purchase series Lapsed purchase series Optimized transactional messages
    10. 10. Unique Value Add - UVA Stand out from the pack!
    11. 11. How do I stand out Lapsed Purchaser
    12. 12. How do I stand out? Lapsed Purchaser
    13. 13. Summing up Motivate your audience with relevancy Lapsed Purchaser •Use The Data •Automation •Unique Value Add
    14. 14. rces Kestrel Lemen Marketing Strategist @KestrelBird