From Concept to the Inbox: Behind the Scenes Secrets that Drive Retail Revenue


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For a small business, executing one successful email campaign is challenging enough. Even more challenging is trying to scale to several large campaigns per week while increasing the automated emails being sent. What goes on behind the scenes in planning, operations, creative and data analysis far before the email hits the inbox? Using specific email examples from multiple brands, we will review the step-by-step process, workflow and results that have allowed eCommerce Outdoors to significantly grow revenue from its email marketing efforts. Lastly, we will delve into future planning and organizing to execute a smooth and profitable program.

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From Concept to the Inbox: Behind the Scenes Secrets that Drive Retail Revenue

  1. 1. From Concept tothe InboxBehind the Scenes Secrets That DriveRetail Revenue
  2. 2. WelcomePatrick GillCo-Founder & CEOeCommerce Outdoors
  3. 3. About eCommerce Outdoors- Started in 1997 as Sell 50,000 Outdoor Products- 500 Brands- We Ship to 150 Countries & 50 States- 7 Niche Websites, 1 eBay Store- 2 Physical Retail Stores & Warehouses- 40 Employees- Bronto Client Since 2010
  4. 4. PlanningFrom Paper to Design
  5. 5. Planning- Develop a Retail Promotional Calendar- Be Niche Specific, Find Target Events- Plan 6 -12 Months Out, Remain Flexible- Leverage Email for Timely Info- Have Templates Staged for Certain Types of Promotions- Group Emails Into Logical Promotional BucketsNew ProductsShipping OffersSales & PromotionsHolidays & EventsSeasonal OffersProduct VideosPrivate Sales
  6. 6. Key TacticsThat Are Often Overlooked By Big Box RetailersSpecialty Retailers Begin WhereBig Box Merchants Fall Off-  Special Orders-  Integration with Print-  Customizations-  Pre-Orders-  First to Introduce New Products-  Expert Staff / Training-  Highly Flexible-  Unique Niche Products-  Speed & Agility
  7. 7. Leverage Reps & ManufacturersOften our best promotions are developed while brainstorming productoptions and offers with suppliers.- Free Items-  Buy One Get One-  Blowout Sales- Bundles & Kits-  New Products-  Shipping Offers-  Rebates-  Exclusive Items-  Expert Product Videos-  Events-  Included Services
  8. 8. Build Text Outlines, Then GraphicsWe template emails in text with relative links to products, images, etc.-  Getting email content correct in text form saves time and resources- Leverage Excel and a project management tool , like Basecamp
  9. 9. Mock-ups in Image Form for Review
  10. 10. Finally Coding, Test, Test, Test
  11. 11. ExamplesWhat Works & What Failed
  12. 12. New Year New Gear
  13. 13. New Year New Gear Results
  14. 14. Cyber Monday
  15. 15. Cyber Monday Results
  16. 16. Cart Abandonment 1 of 3
  17. 17. Cart Abandonment 1 of 3 Results
  18. 18. Private Sale
  19. 19. Private Sale
  20. 20. Private Sale
  21. 21. Private Sale
  22. 22. Private Sale - Email
  23. 23. Private Sale – Landing Page
  24. 24. Private Sale – Results
  25. 25. Conclusion
  26. 26. 3 Take Aways- Begin where big box retailers end- Leverage your manufacturers/reps- Compete with world-class service
  27. 27. Thank You & QuestionsPatrick GillEmail: pgill@ecoutdoors.comOffice: 609-788-3822