Combating Data Overload


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According to a recent study, 91% of brands use customer data to drive marketing decisions, yet 45% believe they are not using data to effectively personalize marketing communications. Cut through the chaotic and tangled web of acquisition sources and data silos and learn which key pieces of data hold the most revenue potential. Take away a data wishlist to help you focus on completing a revenue-driving subscriber profile.

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Combating Data Overload

  1. 1. Combating DataOverloadJim DavidsonManager of Marketing
  2. 2. Data Usage91% successful brands use customer data to drivemarketing decisions.Roadblocks:39% data is collected too infrequently or not real-timeenough.45% not using data to effectively personalize marketingcommunications51% report lack of sharing customer data within theirown organizationMarketing ROI in the Era of Big Data, 2012
  3. 3. Disparate Acquisition Sources
  4. 4. Multiple Databases ESP & Social Site Data POS PartnersMobile Partner Commerce Platform Call Center
  5. 5. Combating Data Overload•Most Valuable Data•Data Wish List•Leveraging Profile Data•Utilizing Behavioral Data
  6. 6. Most Valuable Data
  7. 7. Evaluating the ValueUnderstand the value of each acquisition source anddatabase Data Quality Low Medium High POS SMS .com Call Center Transactional Social Network Leveragability Low Medium High Mobile Partner POS Site Data Commerce Platform ESP
  8. 8. Data UsageFocus on end-use of data:•Personalization•Dynamic Content•Segmentation•Reporting Ask yourself: “Will I use this data for __________________?”
  9. 9. Data to CollectPersonalizationPopulating a database value in an email.Commonly used data points:First name, loyalty points values, zip codeData, commerce platform, ESP Valued Customer
  10. 10. Data to CollectDynamic ContentDynamically populating email content based on a data value.Commonly used data points:Gender, purchaser/non-purchaser, loyalty program member,product category (purchased or interest)Data, commerce platform, ESP
  11. 11. Data to CollectSegmentationCreating mailing groups based on profile or behavioral data.Commonly used data points:Gender, purchaser/non-purchaser, loyalty programmember, product category (purchased or interest), birthdayOpens and clicks, browsingData, commerce platform, ESP, Site Data
  12. 12. Data to CollectReportingPassing data values intended for reporting purposes onlyCommonly used data points:Customer ID, member numberData Sources:ESP, commerce platform
  13. 13. Data to AvoidCommonly collected and rarely used:•Middle Name or Initial•City, State•Phone Number•Age (not birth date)
  14. 14. Data Wish List
  15. 15. Automate & Drive RevenueMust-Have Data Points:Profile•Subscription Date•Birthday•Product Category Interests•Zip CodeBehavioral•Last Open & Click•Last Order Date
  16. 16. Leveraging Profile Data
  17. 17. Subscription DateAutomated Programs:•Welcome Series•Reengagement Campaigns
  18. 18. Subscription Date: Welcome EmailSolution: • Expanded welcome emails to include browsing CTAs • 7 day promotion for new subscribersResults: • Welcome Emails represent 30% of email marketing revenue • +$20 AOV over Promotional Messages • $1.85 Revenue per Email Sent (RPES)
  19. 19. Subscription Date: Welcome SeriesSample Welcome Seriesfor Natural Makeup Online Retailer:Email 1: Confirm Welcome Confirmation Importance of Using Natural Makeup,Email 2: Educate Eco-Principles of the CompanyEmail 3: Promote Getting Started Kit Offer with Top SellersEmail 4: Expand Social Media Introduction How Herbs Affect Skin – How to Find the RightEmail 5: Engage Product for Your SkinEmail 6: Incent 20% CouponEmail 7: Share Video – Helpful Tips for Applying MakeupEmail 8: Exchange Makeover Stories
  20. 20. Subscription Date: Welcome SeriesProspects: Welcome Messages“The best gear for weekend warriors with masochistictendencies or year-round mountaineering guides.”
  21. 21. Subscription Date: Welcome Series Email 1: Day 1 SL: Welcome to
  22. 22. Subscription Date: Welcome Series Email 2: Day 5 SL: Saw These Goodies and Thought of You
  23. 23. Subscription Date: Welcome Series Email 3: Day 10 SL: Get Personal
  24. 24. Birthday Messages•Birthday Emails • 2x+ Conversion Rate • 12x+ RPES • +20% AOV
  25. 25. Birthday Messages• Automation• Remailing Non-Purchasers 2 days before promo expires
  26. 26. Product Category InterestsProduct Category Interest•Dedicated automated message to new subscribers•Segment incomplete profiles•+30-40% Conversions•+15-20% AOV
  27. 27. Zip Code•Geo-Segmentation•Store related dynamic content•Increase engagement
  28. 28. Utilizing Behavioral Data
  29. 29. Behavioral Data: Last Open & Last Click Create an engagement spectrumCategory Criteria Program IdeasAcquisition New POS Welcome Series, First Online Purchase Offer, SendSources from a unique IP address New Web Welcome Series, Complete ProfilePurchase 4+ Loyalty Programs, SWYN PromotionsActivity 2-3 Buyer Related Product Promotions, Offer Testing 1x BuyerInteraction Non-Purchasing Reminder Emails, Remails, CTA Testing Clickers Non-Clicking Creative Testing, Offer Testing OpenersDisengaged Subject Line Testing, Frequency Testing, Enhanced 30-90 Days Promotions, Cross-Channel OffersInactive 90+ Days Reengagement Programs, “Make Up or Break Up” Emails
  30. 30. Last Open & ClickSolution: • 4 message reengagement series • Sent to non-openers for last 20 messagesResults: • Reengaged 28% of disengaged subscribers • 6% Click-to-Purchase • Message #3 averaged $9 per click
  31. 31. Behavioral Data: Last Open & Last Click•Message 1: $30 off $100•Message 2: 20% total order•Message 3: 20% + Free Shipping•Message 4: Make up or Break up
  32. 32. Last Order DateAutomated Programs•Order & Shipping Confirmations•Post Purchase Series • Customer Service • Product Review • Upsell & Cross Sell•Lapsed Purchaser•Reorder Reminders
  33. 33. Order & Shipping Confirmations•Transactional •Do not require opt-in•Compliancy •80/20 Rule•+20% Conversion Rate when relevant products areincluded
  34. 34. Order & Shipping Confirmations
  35. 35. Post-Purchase Series Email Day of Send• 16% YoY Revenue Order Confirmation 1 increase Welcome (No Coupon) 1• 33% of total email revenue Shipping Confirmation 3 Manage Preferences 4 Social Introduction 7 Customer Service Options 10 Satisfaction Survey 14 Tips & Tricks 21 Review Request 25 Next Purchase Coupon 32 Remail Next Purchase Coupon 62 Share Your Thoughts 90
  36. 36. Lapsed Purchaser• Not reactivation• Purchaser Reengagement• Encourages repeat purchases• LTO to drive urgency
  37. 37. Reorder Reminders• Based on last order date• Attribute product specific or product category usage periods• Trigger messages before product is fully used • Contacts • Cosmetics • Vitamins / Edibles • Guitar Strings • Oil Changes
  38. 38. Combating Data Overload• Evaluate Acquisition Sources• Audit Data Quality• Focus on Key Data Points• Implement Data-Drive Automated Programs
  39. 39. Thank you!Jim DavidsonManager of Marketing