Initial ideas


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Initial ideas for my preliminary task (school based magazine)

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Initial ideas

  1. 1. Initial ideas
  2. 2. Initial Ideas Contents page images: Down the right hand side of the page I will have a couple of images of students in the school working. At the top left hand corner I will again have the logo of the school. Along the bottom of the page I will also have another image of students. Contents Page texts: at the top right of the page I will have the title ‘contents’, which will be the largest text on the page. Going down the left hand side I will have the pages and the headings of the pages in a smaller text. Front Cover images: I am going to use and original image. I am going to have a model in school sat using a school computer with the. I also have the school logo at the bottom of the page to represent the school. Front Cover texts: Title of the magazine in the top left hand corner, this will be the biggest text on the page. The date/issue will be in the top right hand corner in a smaller text. I will have a couple of headings on the page in the same colour/font.
  3. 3. <ul><li>Target Audience </li></ul>The target audience if for the pupils in school. I am making the language suitable for students aged more between 11-15 year olds as they are the ones in school that are more likely to read the magazine. It will have stuff in the magazine for the older pupils but it will be more for the younger ones.