In what ways does your media product use


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In what ways does your media product use

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. My media product is very similar in ways to a real media product that I havebased it on. I have set out my magazine pages in a very similar way to howreal magazines are set out and I got a lot of my ideas for my magazine fromother magazines. E.g. the type of stories to go into the magazine to fit thegenre, the type of celebrities that appear in the magazine, the type ofimages used through out by what the celebrities wear and the way theypose and also the colours and type of fonts used in the magazine. All toattract the target audience the magazine has been made for.By challenging real media products with my magazine I have changedsome things with my magazine to make it is not identical to other magazinesout there. With my front cover it is slightly different to other pop magazines. Ihaven’t packed the front cover with stories and I haven’t used lots of differentcolours for the fonts. I have used three different colours on my contents pagethat go together and aren’t too bright and wacky. I don’t have as manypeople to take photos of for my magazine as they do in real media productsso I only have a limited amount of images of models (celebrities). Inmagazines such as Top of The Pops even thought it is a music magazine theystill have stories that are not music related, I haven’t done this and just keptall stories and to do with music.
  3. 3. Use of real media products I have used the coloured rectangular strip across the top of the page with aMy Product cover line written on it. Real Magazine I have used a bright/bold text and font to make the masthead stand out on the page starting from left and going into the middle of the magazine. This is the main story of the magazine. I have made the text bigger than the other stories on the magazine front cover and used a brighter/bolder text. Barcode & price at the bottom of the page. These are the cover lines/stories that are spread about the front cover. Different fonts and colours are used to make each one different and make each one stand out a little in their own way. Catchy slogan/titles are also used instead using big wordy language.