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Derren brown1 b

  1. 1. A Note *Please read* Congratulations! You've mastered the cool sounds of 0-9!
  2. 2. A Note *Please read* Now to turn them into words...
  3. 3. A Note *Please read* ...and, more importantly, IMAGES!
  4. 4. A Note *Please read* In the following levels you will memorize some mems created by utilizing the consonant sounds and adding some vowels, as we discussed before.
  5. 5. A Note *Please read* Just like the number 1 was ale.
  6. 6. A Note *Please read* Just like the number 1 was ale.
  7. 7. A Note *Please read* It's very important that you remember to convert numbers into consonant sounds and NOT letters.
  8. 8. A Note *Please read* The letter c in “nice” makes an s sound. The gh in “laugh” makes an f sound. Thus in these instances, c = 0 and gh = 5.
  9. 9. A Note *Please read* Some of the mems in this course have alternatives, indicated by a slash. (/)
  10. 10. A Note *Please read* For instance, the number 18 can be a ledge or a leash. (There's that 8 again!) ledge/leash
  11. 11. A Note *Please read* So either answer is correct if you type it in.
  12. 12. A Note *Please read* Similarly, 32 is money or man.
  13. 13. A Note *Please read* There are a few reasons that I've included more than one mem for some words.
  14. 14. A Note *Please read* I don't want to mess with Derren's system too much, but some of his words are very British and may not be familiar to international audiences, especially Americans. Hence, the alternatives.
  15. 15. A Note *Please read* I also thought some of my alternatives were simpler or more straightforward. Derren renders 34 as “merry” but I've shortened this to “Mary,” which is simpler and possibly more suitable for iconographic purposes.
  16. 16. A Note *Please read* And lastly, a very important thing when it comes to mems – they should be versatile.
  17. 17. A Note *Please read* Having more than one mem for a number can come in handy under different circumstances. But we'll discuss that later in this course.
  18. 18. A Note *Please read* For now just keep in mind that if you see a mem with a slash: ledge/leash
  19. 19. A Note *Please read* For now just keep in mind that if you see a mem with a slash ledge/leash You can just pick one.
  20. 20. A Note *Please read* For now just keep in mind that if you see a mem with a slash ledge/leash Or the other.
  21. 21. A Note *Please read* Or keep both in mind.
  22. 22. A Note *Please read* Whatever you prefer.
  23. 23. A Note *Please read* Quick Tip: Creating your own personal images makes them more memorable. You're more likely to remember mems YOU created!
  24. 24. A Note *Please read* But don't assume a simple Google Image search will work very well.
  25. 25. A Note *Please read* It should be something YOU came up with and tinkered around with. Something drawn or photoshopped. Or a picture you took. The more time you spend on it, the better. Visual puns work very well.
  26. 26. A Note *Please read* This applies to every course you take on Memrise!
  27. 27. A Note *Please read* Drop me a line in the discussion forum for this course if you have any ideas to improve anything. Perhaps you use other alternatives to the words on display. It's very likely.
  28. 28. A Note *Please read* One last thing: Every level in this course is repeated once. Version 1 will prompt you using the mem words, (It will ask you to type the number as the answer). Version 2 will prompt you using a number (it will ask you to type in the corresponding image).
  29. 29. A Note *Please read* I would suggest you try both in order to really cement the images in your head – just like you would any sight word.
  30. 30. A Note *Please read* After all, as you read this, how many of these words are you “sounding out” right now?
  31. 31. A Note *Please read* None I'll bet.
  32. 32. A Note *Please read* A good mnemonic system takes time to learn. Just like reading. But with patience, in the end it will SAVE you time and multiply your brain's ability to retain information almost exponentially. Like a whole new language! And you'll realize it's really the easiest way, too.
  33. 33. A Note *Please read* Hopefully you will become as familiar with the Major system as you are with English writing! You'll be able to see “52” and visualize a fan in the blink of an eye without a second's thought.
  34. 34. A Note *Please read* Now let's begin!