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Task 13 tv listings magazine front cover


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Task 13 tv listings magazine front cover

  1. 1. Charlotte Harry Brogan Mason Freddie Alisha Emily Lillie Charley Ben Lucy Megan Georgina Alper Summer Molly Katie Hayden Wade Liza Annie HAnnie G Alex Natalie Sam Chloe
  2. 2. Brogan Mason Alisha EmilyLillie Charley Charlotte Harry Megan Georgina Alper Summer Lucy Ben Molly Katie Hayden Wade LizaAnnie H Feddie Annie G Alex Natelie Chloe Sam Year 9A BTEC
  3. 3. Task 1 Magazine conventionsTask 2 Print cost gridTask 3 Magazine pricesTask 4 Magazine genres What taskTask 5 Magazine collage am I on?Task 6 Magazine stormTask 7 Article ideasTask 8 Target Audience Magazines UPLOAD to YolasiteTask 9 3 Block Designs for Magazine Front CoverTask 10 Who is your target audience?Task 11 Photo permissionsTask 12 How much will is cost to make my magazine?Task 13 Practising Photoshop: Create a TV Listing Magazine cover
  4. 4. Task 13: TV Listings Front Cover Have I created a TV listings Front Cover on photoshop?
  5. 5. Key terms Offer Headline STRAPLINE Competition MASTHEAD Web address MAIN IMAGE/ FOCAL POINT Stars LEAD STORY Banner CompetitionAdvice Shock Feature Price Pug SELL LINES ExclusiveBarcodes
  6. 6. Task 13• Make up your own TV listings magazine• Create your block design • Use all magazine conventions• Use “photoshop”
  7. 7. •Upload your tasks onto yolasite