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Holden Commodore - Campaign Pitch Presentation


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Assignment for UTAS. BMA349 - Holden Commodore Pitch Presenation

Published in: Automotive
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Holden Commodore - Campaign Pitch Presentation

  1. 1. The Holden Commodore
  2. 2. About BM Marketing solutions Established March 2016 Provide tailored marketing solutions for large organisations. Specialise in integrated marketing communication strategies. Professional service with an understanding of your organisations resources and capabilities
  3. 3. Current Target market Targets Australian men aged from 18-45 years old Low to middle class Targets both classes due to having a range of models at different price brackets UTE variant targets stereotype Australian tradies Guys who value powerful cars Value Australian pride and hence an Australian Icon People that are V8 supercars fans Issues - Doesn’t line up with well with the products new features - Targets a broad and unfocused group of Australians through their large product lines
  4. 4. Current Marketing Communication Tools - Holden Commodores are sold through dealerships, which are privately owned and a form of personal selling. - Holden Commodore sponsors various teams in V8 Supercars while also having a race team of their own. - Traditionally Holden have used sales promotions at the end of the year to stimulate buyer action to help them run out old models prior to them releasing the new ones. - TV advertising, but only used to stimulate buyers attention for sales promotions. Issues - Reflects a broad target market, with a broad and unfocused, unintegrated marketing communication mix - Personal selling is considered to be not very effective - V8 Super cars format is looking to change in 2017, which may negatively affect the Holden commodore brand and associated image - Success from the V8 supercar sponsorship depends on the results of the associated teams
  5. 5. Brand awareness and upholding expectations - Strong brand awareness within Australia - Because of the success of the model and also the Australian brand, Holden - Models over the years needs to have a strong connection and meet expectations. - Strong Brand Recall The brand awareness pyramid
  6. 6. Basics of the strategy - Create exclusiveness through not having so many models (Sv6, SS, SSV), which will focus the target market while also upholding the iconic Holden Brand image. - Improve personal selling techniques - Develop a focused integrated communication marketing mix - Product is great, just too many options and models at the moment
  7. 7. Redeveloped Target Market Targets Australian men aged from 25-45 years old Middle class UTE type targets stereotype Australian tradies Guys who value powerful cars Value Australian pride and hence an Australian Icon People that are V8 supercars fans
  8. 8. Revised marketing communication strategy Integrated approach which will combine personal selling, advertising, digital marketing, sponsorship and sales promotion Continue to support V8 supercars and run their own Holden Racing Team. At the V8 supercar rounds, showcase standard Holden Commodores and use these events to advertise the new product. Advertise through popular automotive magazines, such as Motors Magazine and Wheels magazine to directly target keen performance car enthusiast. Use Tv advertisement to broadly market our new changes to the product line. Gain a digital marketing presence on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Personal selling is going to be inevitable, but we want to limit time between customers and dealers. Which will be done through advertising which educates the consumers so that the dealers can spend target more customers. Use Sales promotions to stimulate buyers rather than just for model run outs.
  9. 9. Creative Strategy By integrating the marketing communications mix, we will be able to more effectively target the new target market. This will in turn increase sales and re-establish the Holden commodore brand for models into the future. Position the Holden commodore in the market as an Australian icon, which will open doors to international sales. Although marketing costing will be increased the benefits will outweigh the cost.
  10. 10. Thanks for Watching We look forward to establishing a long-term business relationship with the Holden Commodore