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  2. 2. Online Persona I am an avid consumer, producer and sharer of most things in the online sphere. I am interested in all forms of media and harbour a particularly pronounced passion for advertising and other business related creative fields. Professionally, I aspire to be the best in my field and cannot wait to get to work in advertising as a creative strategist or copywriter. I have always had a passion for wordplay and lateral thinking is something that I believe I excel in. I aim to give people who take time to visit my blog or follow my Twitter/Instagram an enjoyable and informative spread of media and interesting articles. I have attempted to achieve this persona through appropriately aligned posts to my Blog, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  3. 3. Professional ID Positioning Statement: “I, Brodie, aspire to inspire people to be more creative in their lives, particularly students and young professionals in the world of advertising who lack a bit of excitement.” Value Proposition: “My level of knowledge and online expertise coupled with my discerning eye gives me the distinct advantage of only sharing the greatest content the online world has to offer.” Brand Story: My name is Brodie Higgins and I am a 23 year old man currently living, working and studying in Melbourne, Australia. I completed a thoroughly underwhelming Bachelor of Arts from The University of Melbourne before discovering my passion in advertising which I am now pursuing. I am not a little let than halfway through my Masters of Advertising at RMIT. I am an avid prosumer of many different forms of online content and spend much time sifting through the web for gems of information.
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  5. 5. Blog Posts Identity: the-witch-and-the-wardrobe/ Signaling: Reddit: the-eternal/
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  7. 7. Bauman Hammer
  8. 8. Connected platforms represent different aspects of my online presence. Private Anonymous Professional/Educational