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Yellowstone np eb

  1. 1. Why is Yellowstone National Park a risk to millions of people? Lesson Objective: To understand the global risk of Yellowstone Year. 8- Risky World
  2. 2. Global Risk Define ‘global risk’ and give examples Confident Individual
  3. 3. Yellowstone National Park The park located in the North-Western US state of Wyoming, but also extends into Montana and Idaho The park receives 3 million visitors a year
  4. 4. What's risky about Yellowstone National Park? Picture Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 What is the risk? How risky? (global or local and rank)
  5. 5. Thousands of un-tamed grizzly bears roam the park
  6. 6. Many natural boiling hot springs and pools called geysers are found in the park
  7. 7. 3 million visitors drive through the park each year
  8. 8. The park covers an area of 2.2 million acres
  9. 9. The park experiences 2000-3000 earthquakes each year
  10. 10. The park contains 120 waterfalls
  11. 11. How risky is Yellowstone? Since the park opened in 1872, 276 people have died in Yellowstone National Park. Someone even wrote a book about the deaths called ‘Death in Yellowstone’. Including: BUT • • • • • • • 5 people have been killed by bears 22 people have died from drowning or as a result of severe burns after falling/jumping into boiling hot springs and pools. 7 people have died in car accidents 1 person died falling of a bridge whilst taking a photograph 22 people have committed suicide in the park 2 people have died as a result of earthquakes Others include hypothermia, fire, lightening, poisonous gas, avalanches. What about Yellowstone's global risk?
  12. 12. What else is happening in Yellowstone National Park? For this we need to look below the park, underground...and go on a journey to the centre of the earth...
  13. 13. A journey to the centre of the earth... Why Where When What Whilst watching the video think about what you want to know about the centre of the earth Independent Enquirer Who How
  14. 14.
  15. 15. What is the centre of the earth really like? Team Work
  16. 16. What is the centre of the earth really like? 1. The distance to the very centre of the earth is ____. 2. The temperature of The Core is ____. 3. The thickness of The Mantle is ____. 4. The earth’s centre has ____ layers. 6370km 4 7000°C 2230km
  17. 17. What’s happening below Yellowstone? Creative Team Work
  18. 18. Yellowstone's ticking time bomb hluk&fe (till about 5mins)
  19. 19. Yellowstone's global risk The ash from Yellowstone's supervolcano would go into the air and spread around the world
  20. 20. What’s the problem?
  21. 21. What’s the problem?
  22. 22. What’s the problem?
  23. 23. What’s the problem?
  24. 24. What’s the problem?
  25. 25. What’s the problem?
  26. 26. Why is Yellowstone a risk to millions of people? Lesson Objectives: • To understand the global risk of Yellowstone Group 1. What's risky about Yellowstone NP? Group 2. What's in the centre of the earth? Group 3. What would happen if Yellowstone Supervolcano erupted? Group 4. What would be the global impact? Reflective Learner