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Unit 5 video production task 4


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Unit 5 video production task 4

  1. 1. Unit 5 Video Production Task 4 Review of video productionLearning objectivesAll will review their video production unit to come up with strengths &weaknessesMost will describe their strengths and weaknesses with detail and examplesSome may fully evaluate their performance with precise and detailed examplesKey skill demonstrated in task 4 – Reflective LearningStarter activity – On the main whiteboard, watch this youtube video.
  2. 2. What did you think?1. Log on to www.socrative.com2. Login as a student, room number 269833. The short feedback quiz should be immediately visible – please feedback your opinions on what you thought of the GCSE media studies music video. You’ll need to comment on: – The overall quality of the finished product – How much it appeals to you – WHY the video ended up like this• Why did you do this?
  3. 3. Your task today – Task 4 –reviewing- Produce a report to finalise your unit 5 Video production. This must include: - Your opinions and the opinions of others - Comments about the finished product AND the process of making the video - If you have not yet completed your video, when I have finished introducing the lesson, finish your edit first. - Make sure you pay special attention to the assessment criteria below (mirrored in the lesson learning aims) Who thinks they are good at creating graphs in excel?
  4. 4. Steps involved & independent work• The following are the steps involved today (you may have completed some of these already): 1. Construct a questionnaire and ask 10-20 people their opinion of your final video (download questionnaire template from blog) 2. Input questionnaire data into excel and create graphs to show results (Use questionnaire template from blog & ask an excel expert for help if you need to) 3. Take screenshots of finished to illustrate your work 4. Write your report to describe your strengths and weaknesses (download Unit 5 Evaluation document from blog) 5. Get your report peer assessed by someone to help QA it!
  5. 5. Demonstration of learning• Lets look at your reports via RM tutor
  6. 6. Lets review our learning• Go to and add a note to detail what you have learned today. This could be: – What you now know about a strength or weakness – How you could improve your production next time – How to create a graph/write a sections of a report – Something else! – BE SPECIFIC! No “I know how to create a graph….”