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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Are asteroids a threat to us?
  2. 2. Introduction • What is this report about? • In this report I will discuss….. • What is an asteroid? • A brief description of an asteroid • What is a NEO? • A brief description of a NEO • What information will you need to find out? • Chances of hitting the Earth, damage it will do if it does • Where will you find this information? • Internet, newspapers, journals, resource materials etc
  3. 3. Main Section - For • Are there any recent reports that an asteroid will crash? When will it hit, how big is it? See pg1 of the resource material • Does it matter what angle it comes in at? Use the internet to find out 30 degrees! • Is there any relationship between the size of an asteroid and the size of the crater and therefore devastation it causes? In excel use the table on pg2 of the resource material to make a table and graph spot the trends • How big was the KT boundary asteroid? The one that wiped out the dinosaurs. What happened to them? • What would happen if a large asteroid hit the Earth? What sequence of events would occur? • Remember to explain each piece of evidence you use then discuss how reliable it is
  4. 4. Main section - against • What reasons are there for not expecting an asteroid to collide with the Earth? • Is there conclusive proof that an asteroid caused the extinction of the dinosaurs? • Copy out the 2 tables on pg3 of the resource material into an excel sheet. Make it 1 big table instead of 2 and create some different graphs from it. Put them into your report. • Look for trends and comment on them. Use the Torino scale to point out how slim the chances of collision are. • Put a copy of the Torino scale into your report explain what it is and how reliable it is.
  5. 5. Conclusion • Answer the question! Are asteroids a threat to us? • Refer to the evidence you have put in your report when making you argument. • You must explain WHY you think this? • WHAT brought you to this conclusion? • References/Bibliography – at least 8 different. Don’t forget the OCR stimulus material