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Arran trip


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Arran trip

  1. 1. Geography DepartmentArran Fieldtrip June 2014
  2. 2. Overview•Aims and objectives•Location•The week’s itinerary•Lochranza Field Studies Centre•Staffing•Health and safety•Costs & payments•Slideshow•Questions
  3. 3. Aims of the visitThere are three main aims of the fieldtrip:1. To conduct general fieldwork to enhanceunderstanding of physical & human Geography2. To gather plan, collect data and partially write up thefieldwork element of the GCSE controlled assessment3. To foster a deeper interest in Geography & theoutdoors amongst our students
  4. 4. Where?
  5. 5. Trip itinerary (provisional)•Sunday am – depart Oxford, train journey to Ardrossanto catch Ferry to Brodick. Settle in to the centre.•Monday – Coastal landforms day• Tuesday – River landforms and processes day•Wednesday – Coastal data collection day•Thursday – Factors affecting the location of industry•Friday am – catch Ferry to Ardrossan, train journey backto Oxford.•Each day will consist of evening sessions too, maximisinglearning time whilst at the centre
  6. 6. The field studies centre•Operated by PGL YoungAdventure Ltd•Courses available in Geology,Biology, Geography•Full board accommodation asstandard•Common room, tuck shop, kitstore, stunning location!•Accommodates up to 110, otherschools likely
  7. 7. Staffing•The trip will be run by:•Ms. Hamer (Head of Geography)•Experienced expedition leader•Qualified first aider•Site experience•Mr. Brodhurst (Assistant Head)•Experienced expedition leader•Qualified Summer Mountain Leader•Qualified first aider•Ex-Lochranza FSC employee
  8. 8. Health & safetyThis is our primary concern, therefore:•Full site visit in 2013/4•First aid cover at all times•Summer Mountain Leader qualified staff•Mr. B is an ex-employee of the centre, Ms. H an ex-student – excellent first-hand knowledge of the area•20 years of operation at Lochranza FSC•Detailed, ongoing risk assessment
  9. 9. Costs and paymentsThe total cost of the trip is £300. This covers:•All transport by train, ferry and bus for the whole week•Full board accommodation on all days•All tuition for the week•Work materials•Comprehensive insurance•Preliminary health and safety visit
  10. 10. Costs and payments 2What’s not included?•Food on the outbound and return journeys•Spending money (you wont need much!)Payment plan•£40 deposit before Friday 12th July•Flexible payment plan from this point on but an interimminimum payment will be required (by PGL)
  11. 11. Ardrossan to Brodick Ferry – 1 hour – enough timefor a square sausage sandwich.
  12. 12. The Sleeping Warrior – view from the ferry
  13. 13. Brodick town – the capital – no hairdressers
  14. 14. Glen Rosa – stunning glacial valley
  15. 15. Brodick Castle
  16. 16. The field studies centre at Lochranza
  17. 17. Arran Aromatics – industrial location case study
  18. 18. Lochranza distillery – industry location case study
  19. 19. Lochranza bay – a great example of a Fjord
  20. 20. The River Chalmadale – river fieldwork study site
  21. 21. Catacol Bay – the 12 Apostles – Coastal fieldwork
  22. 22. North Arran Geology SSSI
  23. 23. Hard rock coastal landforms at Blackwaterfoot
  24. 24. Drumadoon Sill – volcanic landforms
  25. 25. The Sleeping Jellybaby
  26. 26. Grey seals at Lochranza
  27. 27. Why should students attend?• Controlled assessment marks will be higher• Understanding of the syllabus will be deeper• Overall GCSE grade will be higher• Gain life experience of a good length residential• Experience a stunning natural landscape• Better prepare yourself for A/AS levels• It will be hard work but rewarding• You WILL have a great time – we promise
  28. 28. Questions?• Ask them now or email me• Come and see Ms. H or myself anytime