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Learn the importance of establishing a SharePoint Governance plan across your organization, and avoid the pitfalls of poor planning.

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  • Great Presentation, thank you. SharePoint Governance is a complex topic to say the least. After many thousands of hours there is a simple solution to SharePoint Governance. Research suggests that people don't know what they need to know and that makes it a difficult and daunting task. There is a ready to go SharePoint Governance solution at, it's not free but it's well worth a look for businesses that are serious about governance and not SharePoint gurus.
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SharePoint Governance Webinar Presentation

  1. 1. SharePoint Governance:3 Things Every OrganizationNeeds to KnowMarie-Michelle Strah, PhDSharePoint Solutions Architect
  2. 2. Objectives • Why SharePoint governance? • What does SharePoint governance mean to you? • How do you implement a SharePoint governance plan? Case studies and resources
  3. 3. Why SharePoint Governance?• Definition• Microsoft Guidance• Changes for SharePoint Server 2010
  4. 4. What Governance is NOT… • A waste of time • A big fancy binder that sits on a shelf and no one reads • Documentation for documentation’s sake • A rule book • Abstract
  5. 5. SharePoint Proverbs…
  6. 6. MOSS2007 and Earlier“Governance is the set of policies, roles,responsibilities, and processes that youestablish in an enterprise to guide, direct,and control how the organization usestechnologies to accomplish businessgoals.”Source: Microsoft TechNet 2009
  7. 7. SharePoint Server 2010 “Governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that guide, direct, and control how an organizations business divisions and IT teams cooperate to achieve business goals.” Source: Microsoft TechNet 2011
  8. 8. Significant Shift in Framing • IT Driven “Thou • System Design Documentation • Dry, Unidirectional, Shalt Not” Afterthought • Business First • IT Second Cooperate • Collaborative Effort
  9. 9. SharePoint-as-a-PlatformEnterprise Solution IT Services Application Management Information Management
  10. 10. What does SharePointGovernance mean to you?• Enterprise architecture planning• Maximize return on investment in SharePoint platform• Fully leverage and optimize all features of SharePoint
  11. 11. Avoid SharePoint “Failure Modes”
  12. 12. EXAMPLE
  13. 13. How do you implement aSharePoint Governance Plan?
  14. 14. Governance: Design • As Is Architecture Necessary • To Be Architecture Elements • Master Data Management Plan • Information Architecture • System Health Check and Migration Plan • Application LifeCycle Management Plan Last but not least: IT Services and System Design
  15. 15. Primacy of Information Architecture• New installation• Upgrade and migration• Going above and beyond minimum requirements
  16. 16. SPS2010: IA Minimum Considerations
  17. 17. SPS2010: User Interface/User Experience 508 Compliance Web Content Management Web Design/Graphic Design Human-Computer Interaction SDK Master Pages/CSS
  18. 18. SPS2010: Data Architecture
  19. 19. Phases of Governance • Design • Deployment • Implementation – Change Management – Application Lifecycle Management • Governance – Quarterly Review – SharePoint Maturity Model
  20. 20. EXAMPLE
  21. 21. Resources• Governance in SharePoint Server 2010: us/sharepoint/ff800826#Model• Governance Model for SharePoint Server 2010 (ZoomIt):• What is Governance (MOSS2007): us/library/cc263356%28office.12%29.aspx• Governance overview (SharePoint Server 2010):
  22. 22. Thank You for Attending • Special offer for webinar registrants: Schedule a 1-hour SharePoint follow up (no cost) • Diagnostic (1, 2, 3 days) • Contact for more information