Staff Augmentation


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Staff Augmentation

  1. 1. Staff Augmentation
  2. 2. Staff Augmentation is a great way to get highly qualified andspecialized personnel working for you at substantial savings. Itcan assist you in hiring an individual or team of dedicatedadditional resources. Implementing this process can bring betterefficiency in your work projects. Staff Augmentation, is also known as subcontracting, is primarily outsourcing of Manpower on a skill requirement basis or project completion basis for a limited period of time. Staffing may be desired when there is a dynamic requirement of people, or there is a requirement of skilled staff, or the requirement is for a limited period.
  3. 3. Why We Need the Process of Staff AugmentationThe process of staff augmentation is really useful in getting thebest. Many reasons for this.Firstly, the abundance of IT resources needs enough manpowerto handle. Secondly, declining rates and narrowing margins for companies that require these services. And finally, it leads to specialization in the work.
  4. 4. Benefits of Staff AugmentationIT staff augmentation services work well for companies who must scale up anddown depending upon Project requirements or those looking to strengthen uptheir core team with top IT professionals. Achieve short-term technology goals, cost-effectively and rapidly Minimize risk and investment and maximize resources Ensure appropriate skills and resources are applied to project Guarantee adherence to schedules and timetables Ensure affordability and stay within specified budget for project or IT support and maintenance Ensure excellence and a successful outcome
  5. 5. Quality Control in Staff Augmentation Technology Outsourcing Model Staff Augmentation is widely used by IT managers as a model of choice for outsourcing. Due to the inherent nature of the model, controlling quality of output or delivery is quite a challenge. The following considerations apply to any Staff Augmentation model: Staff will be contracted from a vendor or multiple vendors to augment or support an existing in-house IT team. An entire project team could be staffed by one or many vendors without any in-house team. In most cases, the augmented staff is in a near shore location. But there are cases of Staff Augmentation where the staff are based at offshore. In the later scenario, it will be typically a single vendor situation.
  6. 6. Tips to Hire Web Developers Through Staff AugmentationThe first thing to do is to go through the entire portfolio of thedevelopers on the list. Make sure the work they have done isimpressive and inviting. It is important for you to analyze if thatdeveloper will be suitable for the project. It is not just the work that matters but the overall attitude as a whole. These days it is very important to see that the hired professional can be reliable. Hence it is advisable to get connected with the developers previous company for feedback.
  7. 7. Every developer has his own way of doing things. Even ifthe developer may be highly skillful, the working stylemight not suit your needs. See what methodology theyfollow and check if it suits your business needs andrequirements. The mode of payment has to be discussed well in advance in order to avoid any trouble that may arise in the future. Also finalize the amount or percentage that has to be paid in advance. Make sure the project will be delivered at the promised date and time.
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