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Designing learning areas: Art center

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Designing learning areas: Art center

  1. 1. ARTCENTERAler | Canillas | Cappal
  2. 2. ART CENTER One of the greatest drives humanbeings have is to express themselves.Young children are no exception. Provides children time for freeexploration and creative play withvarious media (The blank page ispowerful Develops the children’s fine motorskills
  3. 3. ART CENTER Provides opportunities for children tomake inter-curricular connections Develop their ability to critique andappreciate fine art A place for young children to explorethe world of scribbles, shapes, designsand pictures
  4. 4. ART CENTER A fun place to work independently orin cooperation with others to developand strengthen concepts and skills To expose children to a variety ofmediums in different ways Should encourage the children’sindividual expression and creativity Available as a free choice
  5. 5. What the children learn Creativity and individuality Imagination Master simple shapes and colors Communication skills Fine motor skills: pre-writing skills,squeezing and gripping, enhancingmuscle development and coordination Conceptualization
  6. 6. Questions to consider Where will children put their finishedart? Can they get to the finished art spotwithout having to carry a very, heavilypainted paper through ALL of the otherinterest centers? Is the Art Center close to the handwashing sink or bathroom? Is the Art Center accessible to
  7. 7. Guidelines - Location Near a sink Have good natural light Have sufficient space so that childrencan work comfortably Must be easy to clean
  8. 8. Guidelines – ArtMaterials Accessible to the children Related to other classroomexperiences(ex: theme-related material) Different levels of ability Labeled materials
  9. 9. Guidelines – ArtMaterials Diverse collection from the followingcategories:Drawing materialsPaint materialsThree-dimensional art materialCollage materialTools
  10. 10. Tips for Inclusion Have a range of writing and painting implements (thin, stubby,big and small) so that children can use tools appropriate totheir dexterity level. Experiment with tabletop easels, large pieces of paper on thefloor, and paper inside a shirt-size box to find a comfortablework surface for every child.
  11. 11. FurnishingsTables – smooth surfaceChairsHigh, closed storage – for adult useLow, open multi-unit storage shelves – forchildren’s useEaselsDrying rackHooks or pegsDisplay space – for two-dimensional andthree-dimensional art
  12. 12. Art MaterialsFinger paint andTempera PaintWatercolorsBrushes of varioussizesPlay doughSponges of variousshapes and sizesVarious types ofpaper includingfinger paint paperStamps and stamppadsFabricsScissors
  13. 13. Art MaterialsPencils, pens,markers, coloredpencils, crayons andchalkTape, glue sticks,and glue bottlesCollage materialsStickersCraft foamsArt printsNewspapers andmagazinesYarns, ribbons,strings and strawsVarious colors ofcraft sticks
  14. 14. Other MaterialsApronsWater spray bottlesHand washTowelsPans of soapy waterCleaning ragsMops
  15. 15. Sources Allen, M. (2007). Early Childhood Centers, GradesPreK-K. Huntington Beach: Creative Teaching Press. Carmouche, T. (M.Ed.) (2011, May 1). EstablishingLearning Centers in an Early Childhood ClassroomSetting. Child Development and Lifelong Learning.Lecture conducted from University of Louisiana,Lafayette. Pardee, M. (2005). Equipping and Furnishing EarlyChildhood Facilities.Community InvestmentCommunity for Kids Resource Guide, 3, 44. Petersen, E. A. (1996) A Practical Guide to EarlyChildhood Planning, Methods, and Materials: thewhat, why, and how of lesson plans. Where ItHappens: Basic Elements of the Setting (pp. 112-130). Massachusetts-Allyn & Bacon.

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