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Dressing For Succes Britto


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Published in: Lifestyle, Business
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Dressing For Succes Britto

  1. 1. Brittany Underwood Ms. Moore 1 st block Dressing in the Workplace!
  2. 2. <ul><li>The objective of this PowerPoint is to inform future businessmen/ women of the appropriate clothing and dress in the workplace. This PowerPoint will also show what dressing material is considered inappropriate in the corporate workplace. </li></ul>Objective
  3. 3. Week 1...Monday The price of the business suit was $27.99 and was purchased at JCPenny’s. The gray shoes were $19.99 and were purchased at Payless Shoes. Altogether, the price of my ensemble for today was $47.98. I was complemented on my outfit and really liked the way my gray and teal suit matched my flats.
  4. 4. Week 1...Tuesday The white skirt worn was only $11.99, which I bought at Macy’s. The blouse was $26.99. I bought it at JCPenney. The black pumps were purchased at Shoe Station, An online shoe department store and cost $39.99. The tights cost a mere &10.00 Which I bought at . I really liked the outfit I chose for today, because I was comfortable all day. But Made sure I was dressed very professionally before leaving the house. Altogether My outfit cam up to $89.96 today.
  5. 5. Week 1...Wednesday (Dress) -Price- $61.08 -Place of purchase- Kohl's (Shoes) -Price- $25.99 -Place of Purchase- Shoe Show I had a debate with myself, Over whether or not to wear This dress because at first it Wasn’t comfortable. But through- Out the day, it grew on me. Price For today total was, $87.07.
  6. 6. Week 1...Thursday (Dress) Price- $49.99 Place of Purchase- JCPenney (Shoes) {Pre Purchased}- $19.99 Place of purchase- Payless Shoes I really likes the dress I wore today And I was also able to save some Money because I didn’t have to buy A new pair of shoes or tights to wear Today. So I actually only spent $49.99 on today’s ensemble.
  7. 7. Week 1...Friday (Dress) Price- $61.99 Place of purchase- JcPenney (Shoes) Price- $19.98 Place of purchase- Rack room Since it was Friday I decided to Splurge a little on the outfit. Plus it Was a little cold outside this Morning, so I knew I’d need a scarf Which was only $2.00 at Wal-Mart. But a lot of females in the office Like my outfit and even asked Where I got it. The total of my outfit for today was $83.97
  8. 8. Week 1...Monday (Shirt) Price -$26.99 Purchased from- Dillard's (Pants) Price -$30.00 Purchased from- Dillard’s (Shoes) Price -$25.99 Purchased from- Shoe Show I felt stylish but conservative wearing this outfit, though I saw Someone wearing the same shoes, I was OK. And I decided to Wear the same shoes as I did last Wednesday, so I saved some money. My total for today was $82.98.
  9. 9. Week 2...Tuesday The shirt I wore cost $34.99 And I bought it at New York & Company as well as the pants Which cost $24.97. The shoes cost $29.99 and I bought them At Reed’s Shoe Store. I really loved this outfit! I caught the shoes on sale which matched the jacket perfectly! The total of my outfit was $84.95.
  10. 10. Week 2...Wednesday (Suit) Price - $34.97 Purchased from- New York & Company (Shoes) Price - $49.99 Purchased from- Show Station I loved those funky shoes! I took a bit of a risk with this outfit because I didn’t know if I could pull off the shoes with this suit. But I was complemented periodically throughout the day.
  11. 11. Week 1...Thursday (Suit Jacket) Price- $19.99 Purchased from- Cato's (Suit Pants) Price- $21.99 Purchased from- Cato’s (Shoes) Price- $29.99 Purchased from- Reed’s Shoe Store I knew I was on top of the with this business suit. It was ridiculous how many people thought I looked “casket sharp” with this outfit! Other PR workers wanted to know exactly where I bought it! I spent a total of $71.97 On my outfit for today.
  12. 12. Week 2...Friday (Blouse) Price- $21.99 Purchased from- Cato’s (Pants) Price- &19.99 Purchased from- Cato’s (Shoes) Price-$39.99 Purchased from- Rack Room Shoes No one could tell me I wasn’t showing off my attire this Friday! I was swaying through the hall- ways, I felt nothing but luxurious. Remarkable, I Was even able to get more work done faster! I spent a total of $81.97 on my outfit today.
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  14. 14. <ul><li>I actually learned a lot when I did this Power Point. I learned that it isn’t easy to go shopping for clothes to wear in a business environment when you’re on a budget. You may be tempted to buy clothes outside of your budget or to dress inappropriately. I also go a better understanding of what dressing for success really is from looking at different stores and websites. </li></ul>Reflections