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[Workshop] Strategic Storytelling: Listen, Empathize, Execute Repeat


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Tell better stories-stories that connect with your audience and your mission.

Discover methods and tools for engaging stakeholders, creating a story framework and executing measurable content. Great for content strategists, creators, marketers and editors.

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[Workshop] Strategic Storytelling: Listen, Empathize, Execute Repeat

  1. 1. The Story Board
  2. 2. Stories. We Need
  3. 3. Stories Should We Tell? What
  4. 4. Start? Where Do We Or With Whom ?
  5. 5. Listen Empathize Execute Repeat
  6. 6. Strategic Storytelling: Listen, Empathize, Execute, Repeat Brittney Dunkins Stakeholder Discovery Worksheet Template Priorities Content Goals Audience Production Cycle Additional Notes
  7. 7. OUR AUDIENCE Who Are They? Why Should They Trust Us? What Do They Want?
  8. 8. 01 02 03 Heatmapping & Interaction Eyetracking People, Places & Events
  9. 9. Heatmapping & Interaction Have existing stories? Tools such as HotJar and CrazyEgg offer a snapshot of how people interact with your stories.
  10. 10. Work the beat. Not sure if your stakeholders have a sense of how to connect? Immerse yourself in your community. People, Places & Events
  11. 11. Eyetracking research firms like iResearch offer focus groups with small audiences to show how users view your stories, which can help you build better content. Eyetracking
  12. 12. Topics & Tone Channels & Audience Metrics & Success
  13. 13. Topics & Tone What types of stories work for you? Do you have an audience of insiders or novices? How do you speak to your audience?
  14. 14. Where do you tell stories? How does the channel dictate format? How does the audience change by channel? Channels & Audience
  15. 15. Metics & Success How do you measure great? What is the function of your stories? Are you prompting an exchange? What is our baseline?
  16. 16. Then Come Back to Who You Are MISSION VISION VALUES
  17. 17. Strategic Storytelling: Listen, Empathize, Execute, Repeat Brittney Dunkins Story Framework Worksheet Goal | Goal Statement | Values | Content Area |Story |Story |Story
  18. 18. 01 02 03 Align content areas with audience, allies and stakeholders. Contextualize your strategy around their priorities. Establish sourcing guidelines.
  19. 19. Priorities Ideas Selection Tracking
  20. 20. How will you collect ideas and from whom? Ideas
  21. 21. Priorities What will be the criteria for prioritizing what and when stories are told ?
  22. 22. Tracking What tools will allow you to track story ideas and how they are used?
  23. 23. Selection Who will choose stories and move them into a production workflow ?
  24. 24. Strategic Storytelling: Listen, Empathize, Execute, Repeat Brittney Dunkins Storymining Workflow Ideation & Sourcing Prioritization Tracking Selection
  25. 25. Format & Channel Once you have a format, select a channel-or-wait no- once you have a channel select a format. Let's discuss.
  26. 26. Find Your Team Writers VideographerS SEO Strategists Editors Photographers Content Strategists Designers Developers
  27. 27. Refer back to your value proposition/pillar, content area and goals. Create Your Story
  28. 28. Select a single story concept. Create Your Story
  29. 29. Select a format & channel using any information you might have on audience etc. Create Your Story
  30. 30. Outline the necessary source information, assets and needed team support. Create Your Story
  31. 31. Create Your StoryPut together your roll- out plan.
  32. 32. To highlight our commitment to our growing community of international students. Diversity Scholarship Excellence International Students Fortunate Ones
  33. 33. 41% 35% 21% International students from China enrollment numbers at Boston University. 2012 - 2014
  34. 34. Is Working? How Do We Know Our Storytelling
  35. 35. 01 02 03 Align Page Goals and Measurement KPIs Set a Baseline Establish a Reporting Timeline
  36. 36. 01 02 03 Tone, Voice & Personality Perspective & Expertise Digital Value
  37. 37. 01 02 03 Tone, Voice & Personality Accuracy of expression, opportunities to build.
  38. 38. 01 02 03 Perspective & Expertise Audience reach, alignment with brand, addition to the conversation.
  39. 39. 01 02 03 Digital Value Conversions, SEO, Engagement
  40. 40. 01 02 03 Tone, Voice & Personality
  41. 41. 0102 03 Perspective & Expertise
  42. 42. 03 Digital Value 100+ Comments 3k + Video Views