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Back to school night


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Published in: Education
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Back to school night

  1. 1. Welcome to GSIS Open House August 23,2012
  2. 2. Introduction✤ My name is Mrs. Brittany Wiese.✤ from Charlotte, North Carolina✤ Prior to coming to Korea, I lived and worked in the United States.✤ This is my third year at GSIS.
  3. 3. Undergraduate Studies✤ graduated from Toccoa Falls College in Georgia✤ I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Minor in Biblical Studies
  4. 4. Second Grade Daily Schedule✤ Calendar✤ Bible✤ Phonics/ Word Study✤ Reading (Daily 5)✤ Math✤ Writing✤ Unit of Inquiry
  5. 5. Units✤ Six Units 1. Sharing the Planet (People can establish practices in order to sustain and maintain the Earth’s resources) 2. Where We Are In Place and Time (People are connected to and influenced by others) 3. How the World Works (Understanding the properties of air allows people to make practical applications) 4. Who We Are (Identifying how we best learn, enables us to be more successful) 5. How We Express Ourselves (Stories inform, provoke, and entertain us) 6. How We Organize Ourselves (Developing Unit)
  6. 6. Homework For second grade, students should spend around 20 minutes a night on homework.✤ Math ✤ Math homework could be a worksheet, a game, or a computer assignment.✤ Phonics/Word Study: ✤ Phonics homework may consist of a word search, writing sentences or a story with the rules or Red Words being learned.✤ Reading: ✤ Students readers are found in their clear book bag, along with their Reading Log. You may keep the book, as long as you need it. ✤ Please read for 10 minutes a night.
  7. 7. Specials✤ Day 1: Library and Library Checkout✤ Day 2: Korean and PE✤ Day 3: Chapel, Art, Performing Arts✤ Day 4: Korean and PE✤ Day 5: Art and Performing Arts✤ Day 6: Korean
  8. 8. Classroom Rules Our Essential Agreements (We worked together, as a class, and came up with our essential agreements.Our essential agreements are things we want to do at school to make our classroom great!) We will respect others by…. -taking care of the school property & treating others the way we want to be treated.
  9. 9. Elementary School Blogs✤ Mr. Schumacher’s Blog:✤ Second Grade Blog:
  10. 10. Contact Information✤ If you would like to contact me, my e-mail address is
  11. 11. Thank you for coming!