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Reverse brief audi


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Reverse brief audi

  1. 1. Nick Bridgers Brittany McKinney Brent Schneider
  2. 2. Audi "Green Police"
  3. 3. "Vorsprung durch technik.” This translates to "Advancement through technology."
  4. 4.  Audi is trying to keep up with the “Green Movement” and produce cars that are more energy efficient and eco-friendly to fit the growing demand for green products.  The Audi A3 TDI uses "clean diesel" technology to help lower emissions and increase fuel efficiency.  The ad is talking to consumers who want to be energy efficient and drive a car that is better for the environment.  The main thing Audi wants to say is that the TDI is more eco-friendly and "green" than other vehicles, but still carries the Audi name and quality.
  5. 5.  Adults (predominantly men) who are in their late 20s to late 30s who:  Can afford the Audi prices  Are car enthusiasts  Care about status and using their car as a status symbol  Are environmentally conscious and want to “do the right thing”  Are middle-upper class
  6. 6. You can be eco-friendly and still drive a high-performance, stylish car.
  7. 7.  Rational reasons to buy the Audi A3 TDI  Have a vehicle that has lower emissions and is fuel efficient  Have a high performance car  Emotional reasons to buy the Audi A3 TDI  Brand loyalty and attachment  User status  Hurting the earth if you don't drive a fuel efficient and lower emissions car  Major copy points  Green Car of the Year  “Green has never felt so right."  What else can be said:  Audi conducted the Eureka! Diesel Drives the Future, which was a demonstration to show how diesel technology has the potential to improve emissions and reduce fuel consumption.
  8. 8.  Logo  Slogan  “Truth in Engineering”  Sources of Awards- Green Car of the Year Award was given by Green Car Journal  “Clean Diesel”
  9. 9.  The ad was extremely successful in meeting its objectives.  Encourages being eco-friendly by the car a person drives and in many other aspects of everyday life  Catches the attention of someone in the market for a new car, especially if they want a more efficient vehicle  After watching this commercial, the audience should want to find out more information about the TDI Clean Diesel
  10. 10.  USA Today says the "Green Police" ad was the most appreciated automaker Super Bowl ad in 2010 and the sixth most in the USA Today's Ad Meter.  it was the only automaker to make the top ten.  An article in CBS News states that the ad was offensive instead of effective.  "green police" seemed to criticize and make fun of the green movement, instead of being an advocate  Advertising Age thought that this ad was effective as a broadcast video strategy.
  11. 11.  The Super Bowl was definitely the appropriate media buy  Created a lot of buzz, even after the Super Bowl  Over 2.2 million views on YouTube  Placement of the ad was good  Ad ran during the fourth quarter  Honda and Hyundai were the only other automakers that were showcased during the fourth quarter  A thirty-second commercial during the 2010 Super Bowl was roughly $2.5 million  This ad ran for a full minute, so the cost was doubled  After seeing the commercial, the target audience would be enticed to find out more about the Audi A3 TDI.
  12. 12.  Audi extended its Super Bowl buy with other communications components before the ad actually aired.  Audi created a series of public service announcements that talked about "napkin abuse," which urged people to only use one napkin at a time to try to save a billion pounds of paper each year.
  13. 13.  We thought this ad was very effective and successful, although it received a lot of criticism and we would not change much  Would only add more information about the A3 TDI “Clean Diesel” itself in the commercial
  14. 14.  Emotional  Fear of endangering the earth  Humor with the "Green Police" arresting people for not being eco-friendly  Preemptive  "Green car of the year"
  15. 15. Don’t let the Green Police get you!
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