Au Psy492 M7 A3 Marrero B


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Here is my Eportfolio with Argosy University

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Au Psy492 M7 A3 Marrero B

  1. 1. Undergraduate Studies ePortfolio Brittany Marrero BA Psychology, 2011 1
  2. 2. Personal StatementBrittany Marrero, born and raised in Gig Harbor, WA developed a passion for psychology at a young age. After earning her Baccalaureate degree she plans to pursue employment in the Human Resources field with the goal of creating a fair and happy work environment for a valuable workforce.
  3. 3. ReflectionAs I look back on my time with Argosy University I am thankful for the unique format they provide. I would not have had the opportunity to earn my Bachelor’s degree if I could not work full time while I did. The structure of their courses fosters great critical thinking and theoretical knowledge which helped me thrive beyond regurgitation of names, terminology and facts. I do wish I could have had more face to face interaction and opportunity to discuss topics and perhaps make friends with fellow students and faculty. I suppose this is the trade-off with online coursework.
  4. 4. Table of ContentsCognitive Abilities: Critical Thinking and Information LiteracyResearch SkillsCommunication Skills: Oral and WrittenEthics and Diversity AwarenessFoundations of PsychologyApplied PsychologyInterpersonal Effectiveness*All full files can be found in my app.
  5. 5. Critical ThinkingAt Argosy University I had significant exposure with my Cognitive abilities:• I am able to choose from and appraise a wide range of psychological perspectives and theories within written and oral presentations.• When presenting (in written work or orally), I can illustrate multiple perspectives on a given topic.• I am able to analyze the complexities of a given issue.• I am able to collect and arrange information from a variety of sources pertinent to the chosen topic, integrating reasoned appraisals of such information into the work of a project in psychology.
  6. 6. Research skillsI received extensive exposure and understanding of Research methods• I am able to correctly summarize the research design, statistical and other evaluative tools, and findings of the article.• I am able to use sound reasoning as a basis for criticizing the research results.
  7. 7. Communication SkillsI have received moderate exposure to oral communication skills• Possesses moderate ability in creating, organizing and delivering oral presentations.• Exhibits the ability to identify basic/general levels of organization and clarity of presentation.I have received extensive exposure to Written communication skills.• I exhibit the ability to develop and apply appropriate levels of conciseness and clarity in content, language use, grammar, organization using APA formatting.• I exhibit the ability to develop, apply and defend a particular stance related to psychological concepts in written work.
  8. 8. Ethics and DiversityI received significant exposure to Diversity and Extensive exposure to Ethics.• Not only understands the importance of awareness and knowledge/skill development in regards to diversity in psychology, but can also analyze and apply multiculturally-sensitive theories, thoughts, and beliefs to specific psychological issues.• Recognizes personal biases, and works to increase awareness and respect for diverse populations.• Effectively engages in ethical thinking and action, evidenced by the ability to articulate best-practices pertaining to case examples and/or other specific problems associated with the field.• Recognizes more subtle breaches in ethical practices in psychology and can construct alternative analyses and choices of behaviors.• Claims ownership over the prescribed ethical principles for the field, and works to promote ethical decision-making and activity accordingly.
  9. 9. Foundations of PsychologyI received extensive exposure to knowledge of the foundations of psychology• I exhibit consistent recognition and exceptional comprehension of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, applications and historical trends in psychology or within a specific area of study in the field.• I am able to synthesize and evaluate various psychological theories, and apply them to explain everyday events and experiences.
  10. 10. Applications of PsychologyI received significant exposure with the application of psychological principles.• I demonstrated a consistent understanding of how psychological principles apply to issues and situations at a personal, social, and/or organizational level.• I consistently apply psychological principles in my everyday decision-making and interactions with others, in the news, and in organizations I come into contact with such as schools, workplaces, and places of recreation.
  11. 11. My Future in LearningI enjoy reading psychology articles and journals in my free time. I intend to continue to do this throughout my life. I have an innate curiosity about how minds work and how to improve my self. I hope to one day earn my master’s degree in counseling psychology and become a counselor. Until then I will pursue any opportunity that may arise in the human resources or academic fields.
  12. 12. Contact Me Thank you for viewing my ePortfolio. For further information, pleasecontact me at the e-mail address below.