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TU Dortmund


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TU Dortmund

  1. 1. tech nische universitdt dortmund tUL I Technische Unigsitat Dortmund I D-4422I Dortnurrd t lULffiffifom.r Facutty of Mechanicat Engineering Prof. Dr.-lng. Dr. h.c. Matthias Kleiner Prof. Dr.-lng. Dr{ng- E.h, A Erman Tekkaya Baroper Strasse 3O3 D-44227 Dortmund South Campus Tet +4S (0) 231 755 26& Fax +49 (0) 231 755 2489 Contact: office@iuLtu-dortmund-de EdEit sam i.chatti@iut.tu-dortmu &rr relererEe SC/CL Directdiating -2660 Date Juty 30, 20'15 Certif icate of I nternshiP From June, 2015 to Juty, 2015, Mrs. Brittany ltardi, born March 30, 1994 in New York, compteted an internship at the lnstitute of Forming Technologr and Lightweight Construction (lUL) in the Department of BendingTechnotory. Mrs. Brittany ltardi was assigned to the fotlowing tasks, which she performed mainty on her own responsibititY: o Numerical. modeting of the hot stamping using the FEM software system Ls-Dyna r Performance and assistance of experimental investigations for materiat characterization, such as: o Heat treatment with simuttaneous deformation o Tensite tests . Assistance of IUL researchers in experimental analyses We have come to know Mrs. Brittany llardi as a setf-dependent and retiabte cotleague with a wett-organized and efficient working attitude. She proved to be a quick learner and user of technicat software systems. As a result of her outgoing character she soon became part of the team. She apptied her very good technicat knowtedge efficientty when performing the tasks assigned to her. We thank Mrs. Brittany llardi for her excettent work, which she atways performed to our utmost satisfaction and wish her atl the best for her future career' , n ,l u/',,J Dr.-lng. habit. Sarh[ Chatti (Oberingenieur)