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Nailing the Webinar Invite to Drive Attendance


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Webinars are used by organizations looking to distinguish their brand, connect with new people and share their expertise and passion. The trickiest part of hosting a webinar, is getting people to register and attend! Email inboxes nowadays are flooded with webinar invitations, so proving your webinars worth is tougher than ever before (particularly in the subjectline of 50 characters or less!). Nailing the webinar invite is just as important as putting together an interesting and useful webinar program.
Top 3 Reasons Nailing the Webinar Invite is Important:

1. If people don't attend your webinar, it was not successful

2. Grabbing their attention in the invite will help with brand awareness and set you apart from competitors

3. Providing incentives (i.e. what they will learn, and the takeaways) is important to drive those to your event who you want to attend vs. just filling up the webinar room with non-sales qualified leads.

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Nailing the Webinar Invite to Drive Attendance

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