Dairy of a tiger


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here is a project i had to do in language arts class, i really hope you like, i worked hard on it. i had to pretend to be the tiger and write a dairy.

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Dairy of a tiger

  1. 1. Created by: Brittany Ann DanielsClass:7.6Age: 14
  2. 2. December 2, 1998Dear Dairy,Today I just got born and I had finally seen theoutside world. I also found out that I was a Girl. Mymama called me Lilly. When I was about to play withmy big brothers, my mom picked me up a licked me.It felt weird. She told me that I need to be clean.After the saliva bath, I was able to play with mybrothers. We went to a field to play hid-go-seek. Oneof my favorite games. We tigers can hid in a grassyplace because we camouflage into it. After we wenthome and had a delouses deer, I went to bed.
  3. 3. December 3, 1998Dear Dairy,Well Today was a day that I will remember. I am 18months now ( papa and mama said I have to be 18months before I learn how to hunt.) and my father wasteaching me how to hunt. While we were doing so, Heyelled at me because I was playing with a butterfly.When we went home mama was laying down with redliquid around her, when dad looked at me, and had thisupset and mad face. Then I looked a mama and cried. Ifound out mama was killed by a hunter. We were sad. Iwould not leave mama side.
  4. 4. December 4, 1998Dear Dairy,Well, it was me, my two brothers, and my father left.After burred mama, we went to find water, to take aswim to find food. We found one and we had to findout how deep it is. So big brother took a look andalmost drawn until papa jumped in to save him. It wasrough without mama. Me and brothers could not sleepbecause we cry thinking about her, she sings a lullabyto us and before that she tells us a story on how papaand her first met and on how he saved her from ahunter.
  5. 5. December 11, 1998Dear Dairy,Well, it has been a week since mama died and nowpapa is not really feeling well. Brother said he mightonly have tonight to live. We all were upset andworried. Brother asked me what are we going to do ifpapa dies. I told him I don’t know and that we shouldstick together till the very end. Other tigers wouldseparate but since mama died and father about to die.I don’t think we are going to separate anytime soon.
  6. 6. December 12, 1998Dear Dairy,Well, Father died last night and now we are all depressabout it. Things were spinning in my head, mama andpapa died and we have no shelter, no food, or nothing.It was just horrible. Brother said not to worry and thatwe should try to go and hunt for food and find a placeto sleep a night. We decided to go hunting first. Brothertold me to wait behind the trees. But as usually I don’tlisten, I was going to find my brothers when I fell into atrap. The hunters had found me. I was so scared.
  7. 7. December 13, 1998Dear Dairy,When I woke up I had seen two people in front of meand they were talking about this object or place. It wascalled a circus what ever that is. They also said that Iwas the rarest and the most endangered species of thetigers. I was so scared that I was crying. The humansstarted to hit my cage and made me even more scared.After they fed me and left. I had saw a little boywatching me. He noticed how I was scared andinfuriated that I was separated from my brothers. So hehelped me escaped. When I got out I licked him as asymbol of our new friendship. After that I ran as fast asI could to find my brothers.
  8. 8. December 14, 1998Dear Dairy,It has been getting cold lately and I hope I get to findmy brothers soon. When I went by the river to get acold drink, I had seen a family of bears and I waswatching them play, the three kids were playing a gamewhile the two parents were looking for shelter. Itreminded me of how my family used to be until everything happened. After I left I felt like I would never getto see my brothers again when all of a sudden I heardtigers hollering and yelling for me. I ran to see who itwas and there they are my two older brothers. I was sohappy that I started to cry.
  9. 9. January 14 , 1999Dear Dairy,It has been a month since my return and my older brother had a wife andkids already. I was playing with my little nephews when I had seen a deer,my nephews wanted me to go and get it while they watch. It was funhaving my brothers, sister, and my nephews watch me being brave andcatching the deer. I some time wish my mama and papa was here, but Iknow they are watching me. After this last page that am writing in mydairy, I am going to read it to my children and have them pass it downgenerations to generations. Good bye Dairy.
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