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Presentation riga


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Föredrag at Baltic Sea Strategy in Riga 22-23 November

  • Hej! Det blir en bra presentation, säkert intressant för deltagarna. Är inte säker på att de känner till Leader, kanske bra att förklara att det är EU-projekt, hur man söker pengar och vad som krävs. Bra att du tar upp samarbetet med lokala intressenter för att förankra projektet. Hoppas du får några fina dagar i Jurmala - hälsa Galina m fl! (Kanske kommer de hit till invigningen?)

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Presentation riga

  1. 1. Kullaleden Coastal Walking Trail
  2. 2. 75 kilometres coastal trail beautiful nature..
  3. 3. Collaboration made it possibleWalk & Talk with locals Walk & Talk with landowners The project started in 2011..
  4. 4. TG Sweden Incoming ABIncoming Agent & DMC Sweden Britt-Marie Andrén
  5. 5. Kullaleden Coastal Walking TrailLocated in South western Sweden – part of the Skåneleden trail
  6. 6. Part of Regional “Skåneleden” Trail
  7. 7. A joint planning process• LEADER is a method which allows local actors to develop an area by using its development potential.• Crucial to include everyone from beginning• From bottom to the top – The Local Action Group (LAG) will decide about projects and budgets.• Call of Proposals - Catch the ball
  8. 8. Challenge• 130 landowners for agreements/contracts• 80% nature reserves – restricted areas• 2 municipals - communities• 1 county administration board – nature reserve• 1 regional Council – Skåneleden• Approx 5 000 local inhabitants near the trail• Administration
  9. 9. Approx 150 people involved ..continued 2012
  10. 10. Route testing
  11. 11. Identifying Quality CriteriaLEADING QUALTY TRAIL EUROPE Finish in June 2013
  12. 12. Leading Quality Trails Best of Europe
  13. 13. Marketing
  14. 14. SELLING
  15. 15. Market• Active seniors – baby boomers generation• Interested in culture and nature• Comfortable accommodation – luxury• Longer stay in the area• Travelling with children and grandchildren• For special occasions• Price level – differs depending on packaging
  16. 16. Criteriatrail surface format trail routing system/nature/landscape culturecivilisation Safety / gradingmobility walker friendly entry Objective criteria for an attractive walking trail
  17. 17. Opening ceremony with celebrities invited for 1st June 2013