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TV Terminology


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The Brits and the Yanks may speak the same language, but when it comes to television production there are times when it may seem we're talking Swahili!

Here are some comparable terms (and notable differences) to get you sounding like a local in no time.

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TV Terminology

  1. 1. UK  vs  USA:  TV  Terminology  |  @britsinthebox UK USA 2100  -­‐  two  thousand  one  hundred 2100  -­‐  twenty  one  hundred 2130  -­‐  Two  thousand  one  hundred  &  thirty 2130  -­‐  twenty  one  and  change   24  hour  time Military  Time Accreditation Credentials Ad  Funded  Programming Branded  Content  /  Entertainment Audio  Assistants A1/A2 Audio  Dubbing Audio  Sweetening Autocue Prompter  /  Teleprompter Award  Show Tentpole  Event Business  Affairs BALA  (Business  &  Legal  Affairs) Cabs Ground  Transportation Cabs  (Luxury) Town  Cars Camera  Assistant Camera  Utility Cancellation  Charge Kill  Fee Change  (to) Switch Chaperone  (Talent) Escort Compliance S&P  (Standards  &  Practices) Consumables  (lighting  etc) Expendables   Contact  (to) Reach  Out Couriers Messengers Credit  Card  (used  for  Production) P  (purchase)  Card UK  vs  USA:  TV  TERMINOLOGY The  Brits  and  the  Yanks  may  speak  the  same  language,  but  when  it  comes  to   television  production  there  are  times  when  it  may  seem  we're  talking  Swahili!   Here  are  some  comparable  terms  (and  notable  differences)  to  get  you  sounding   like  a  local  in  no  time.    
  2. 2. UK  vs  USA:  TV  Terminology  |  @britsinthebox UK USA CV Resume Diary Calendar Executive  Producer Show  Runner Floor  Manager  (and  Asst) Stage  Manager  (and  Asst) Floor  Manager  (eg.  drama  and  loc) 1st  Assistant  Director  (AD) Freelancer Contractor Gallery  PA Assistant  Director  (AD) Gifts  (bespoke) Premiums Hire  Cars Rental  Vehicles Hires  (kit,  crew,  cars,  etc) Rentals International  Prog.  Version Evergreen  Version Kit  Rental  (Make-­‐Up) Box  Rental Location  Director  /  Producer Field  Director  /  Producer Long  Term  Freelancer Permalancer MCR Scanner Minimum  Rest Turnaround National  Insurance Payroll  Taxes  &  Fringes Non-­‐Topical Evergreen OB  Truck Scanner OB  Unit Mobile  Video  Unit OFCOM FCC On  Pencil On  Hold Overspend Overage P45 Pink  Slip Pre-­‐Titles Pre-­‐Roll  /  Cold  Open Presentation  (documents) Deck  /  Packet Presenter Host Press    /  Branding  Boards Step  and  Repeat Production  Executive Executive  In  Charge  (EIC) Production  Folders Production  Binders Production  Manager Line  Producer Programme Program Quote Bid Racks  (OB) Shader  (OB)
  3. 3. UK  vs  USA:  TV  Terminology  |  @britsinthebox UK USA Ratings  -­‐  Expressed  as  percentage Ratings  -­‐  Expressed  as  point  share Recce Scout Refreshments Craft  Service Read  Through Table  Read Runner Production  Assistant Running  Order Rundown Scene  /  Items Moment Script  Supervisor Production  Supervisor Series Season Set  Transportation Set  Trucking Sound  Assistant Sound  Utility Soundbite  (out  of  context) Frankenbite Sponsor  Idents Integrated  Marketing Stand-­‐Ins  (anyone  free!) Stand-­‐Ins  (prof.  actors) Taster  Tape Sizzle  Reel Tender  Doc RFP  (Request  for  Proposal) Ticket  Collection  /  Box  Office Will  Call Transmission Telecast TX  /  Transmit Air VAT Sales  Tax  (varies  by  state) Viewings Screenings Vision  Mixer Technical  Director  (TD) VOG   Announcer VTs PBs  /  Tape Walkies  /  Comms PL  /  Comms Grade Color  Correct It's  A  Wrap Taillights @britsinthebox