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Food Tech & Media Industry - Rosenheim Advisors and LEÓN, MAYER & Co.

The Food Tech & Media ecosystem continues to see rapid change, creating significant opportunities for both established participants and new entrants. The Food Tech & Media Industry Map has been created to help entrepreneurs, participants and investors understand this quickly evolving landscape.

Organized left to right by a customer's final location of consumption, the Map is an effort to categorize the variety of technology and media players shaping how consumers discover, cook, order, consume, and enjoy food today.

This map has been developed, with the input of leading entrepreneurs and investors in the space, by Brita Rosenheim of Rosenheim Advisors ( and Neil DeSilva of LEÓN, MAYER & Co. ( LEÓN, MAYER & Co. is an investment banking and private equity firm located in New York City and founded by alumni of Goldman Sachs and KKR. The firm's professionals have over $100 billion of M&A and financing experience, and work closely with technology and media entrepreneurs to grow their companies and realize their visions.

This industry map is meant to change as the industry changes, and as such depends on the wisdom of the Food Tech & Media community. If you have feedback, suggested changes, or questions, please email them to:

Food Tech & Media Industry - Rosenheim Advisors and LEÓN, MAYER & Co.

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