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NMDL Final Presentation


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Michael Kors Digital Presentation.

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NMDL Final Presentation

  2. 2. Establishing Our Target Market Michael Kors has become one of the fashion industries leading unisex brands. As a company our research shows that our target market ranges from young adults, ages 18-25. As well as established adults, ages 26-40.
  3. 3.  Using Social Media is vital to the success of our company’s digital marketing plan. Engage the consumer, do not annoy them.
  4. 4. Promotions Promotions!!! To help gain more followers on our social media pages we plan on promotions. “ Be in the first 100 people to Retweet us and receive 10% off” This will provide us will cheap advertising through word of mouth. Reward for customers.
  5. 5.  New leading website for internet marketing. By placing images on the website that can be pinned we can be place directly to those interested in our type of products. Our images will be of recent ads and images from photo shoots that are embedded with links to our official website.
  7. 7.  Smart phones provide numerous applications that can be used for advertising and marketing purposes. Instagram is an application that allows you to post and edit pictures.
  8. 8. Instagram Con’t. Celebrities and brands are using Instagram as an outlet to promote products and ideas. Michael Kors will be partaking in that opportunity as well. Allows us another chance to be directly linked to individuals who are likely to buy our product, and those who don’t know about us.
  9. 9. Turn Digital Outlets intoContest! Similar to our discount idea using Twitter, we can also use Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. We can have consumers regram or repost our YouTube ads and receive gift cards and/or discounts. v7A
  10. 10. Conclusion. By uses all of these resources to the best of our ability we can develop a strong digital presence. Also these outlets can help us lower part of our marketing budget. Hopefully by at least 30%.