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Motrin Social Media Press Release


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After completing a case study on the "Motrin Mom" controversy, I created a social media press release as a tool to handle the online media crisis. Learn more about the social media debacle here:

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Motrin Social Media Press Release

  1. 1. Social Media Press Release Contact Client Contact Social Media Manager Agency Contact Information Kathy Widmer Michelle Honald Britney Grimmelsman Phone: (513)290-7890 Phone: (720)260-3596 Phone: (513)325-0941 Web site: Website: Web site: Motrin to conduct live YouTube Press Conference Motrin utilizes social media to open up discussion about recent ad campaign Core News Facts In September, Motrin released an ad campaign in conjunction with International Baby Wearing Week Campaign content offends portions of the online “mommy” community On November 15, offended mothers began voicing their opinions via popular social media sites On November 16, Motrin released a YouTube apology from Kathy Widmer, Vice President of Marketing, McNeil Consumer Healthcare Motrin created a “Motrin Mom” Twitter, blog , podcast and Facebook page to apologize, welcome sug- gestions, answer questions and offer tips to the online mommy community On November 17 at noon, Motrin will conduct a live YouTube press conference in which the public can “tweet” in questions, comments and concerns to be addressed on air by Kathy Widmer YouTube Press Conference Link for November 17 Watch Kathy Widmer answer questions from live Twitter feed Mortin Moms Twitter Page Tweet in questions to be answered live during YouTube press conference Product Photo Motrin Mom’s Podcast Motrin Mom Contest Graphic YouTube Apology More Mulitmedia Available Upon Request Quotes “Our intent in creating the ad campaign was to demonstrate our sincere sympathy and appre- ciation for mothers, but in doing so, we clearly missed the mark and upset a lot of women. It is our goal to prove to women that we are on their side. We welcome their suggestions and are treating this as a learning experience.” Kathy Widmer “We want our consumers to know that we are listening. More than listening, we are trying to engage in a conversation so that this never happens again. We know that we have let down a lot of moms. Now, it’s our turn to make it up to them.” Michelle Honald Motrin, a product of Johnson & Johnson, reduces fever and treats pain or inflammation caused by many conditions such as headache, toothache, back pain, arthritis, menstrual cramps, or minor injury. Johnson & Johnson’s health care segment includes a broad range of health and personal-care products in the beauty, baby, over-the-counter, oral care and women’s health categories. Motrin Mommies Facebook Page Motrin Mommies Blog Motrin offers professional tips, coupons and a venue for moms to communicate with each other as well as with Motrin.