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Mock Trivago Pitch Deck


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This presentation was designed in collaboration with five other interns as a pitch deck for the brand trivago for Hill Holliday's Pitch Program.

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Mock Trivago Pitch Deck

  1. 1. trivago
  2. 2. the h..i.story
  3. 3. trivago makes ideal and real vacations possible for all
  4. 4. you a...sked
  5. 5. the american mid-range m... illennial
  6. 6. 72% ... “Increasingly, I crave experiences that stimulate my senses.” 72% 83% ... ... “I value experiences more than I do material items.” “I’d rather spend my money on an experience than a material item.”
  7. 7. I love to travel, so that’s something that I’ll invest in. I don’t shop at macy’s. I don’t even walk in there. - ALI | 27 YEARS OLD | DIG INTERVIEW | MAY 2013 “ ”
  8. 8. millenials .li.v.e in a world:
  9. 9. “when I see that... some of my friends or peers are doing something and I’m not” ! my friends or peers are buying something that I’m not” ! my friends or peers find out about something before I do”
  10. 10. millennials...have an overwhelming amount of choices. constantly weighing options, [they] end up with decision fatigue and the dreaded fear of missing out -ARE TWENTYSOMETHINGS TO AFRAID OF MISSING OUT? | THE DAILYBEAST “ ”
  11. 11. trivago needs to be a millennial travelers’ first destination
  12. 12. trivago needs to be relevant
  13. 13. millennials have a fear of missing out on the world due to an overwhelming amount of options they wanderlust
  14. 14. wan• d.e..r• lust a very strong or irresistible desire to travel or roam about; strong longing or impulse toward wandering
  15. 15. emotivation + opportunity = beh.a..vior
  16. 16. feeling wanderlust + interactive real-time solutions = trivago as first stop. t.o. their next vacation
  17. 17. trivago don’t just wanderlust
  18. 18. trivago don’t just wanderlust
  19. 19. new trivago website
  20. 20. trivago social make a profile invite friends, earn credit share images, video, and text chat with travel buddies + hostel mates
  21. 21. trivago don’t just wanderlust
  22. 22. platform for user-generated tv spots increase viewership consumer interaction
  23. 23. ... fakecation booth
  24. 24. trivago don’t just wanderlust
  25. 25. actual trivago users
  26. 26. team brit fryer (content) nico bovat (creative) viviana jaramillo (new business) caroline hubbell (media planning) hannah melton (account management) stephen driscoll (account management) kayla hammergren (project management) mentors rick mchugh (creative) catherine sheehan (planning) thanks dan yurko jenna gabe kate kozlowski donna nolan megan machen shane milan !