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Kiran Abburi Venkata summary slides 2017


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Personal research summary 2017

Published in: Engineering
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Kiran Abburi Venkata summary slides 2017

  1. 1. Research interests and experience: residual stresses, creep, fracture and structural integrity. Dr Kiranmayi Abburi Venkata Postdoctoral Research Associate Solid Mechanics Research Group
  2. 2. Research areas • Computational mechanics & structural integrity • Microstructural analysis of materials and interfaces • Advanced joining techniques Research focus: Characterisation of residual stresses (RS) from manufacturing processes and quantifying the effects of residual stresses and plastic strain history on structural integrity.
  3. 3. Some current projects Weld inhomogeneity effects on creep in dissimilar welds (DMW) Left: Comparison of creep rupture strength of cross-welds Right: Predicted and measured RS after PWHT in DMW EBSD analysis to identify phases at the interface of DMW Left: Phases at the weld interface with a single pass in DMW Right: Phases at the weld interface with two passes in DMW
  4. 4. Some current projects Transferability from small scale lab specimens to large scale components RS characterisation in an Inconel 3-pass TIG weld Left: FE mesh of weld half model Right: Predicted RS across the weld at the interface (at a depth of 8 mm) Effects of RS on elastic- plastic fracture in DMW Left: Measured RS ahead of crack-tip using neutron diffraction in DMW Right: Predicted equivalent SIF with and without RS in DMW Left: Normalised predicted T-stress for various crack lengths in pipes Right: Predicted normalised constraint parameter for various crack lengths in pipes