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Julian Booker summary slides 2017


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Personal research summary 2017

Published in: Engineering
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Julian Booker summary slides 2017

  1. 1. Summary of research interests and capabilities: probabilistic assessments, machine design and structural integrity Professor Julian Booker Professor of Mechanical Design Engineering Solid Mechanics Research Group
  2. 2. My key research areas • Probabilistic assessments – new methodologies for creep and fatigue design • Machine design – novel design of electrical machines, their manufacture and testing, and machine elements characterisation • Structural integrity – statistical and probabilistic approaches and design of novel test specimens and methods Main theme: Application of probabilistic, statistical and novel design methods to problems in solid mechanics Current collaborators: Electrical Energy Management Group, University of Bristol
  3. 3. Current projects • Funding Body: TSB/ATI, Title: Landing Gear of the Future. Start/finish: July 2016 – June 2019. (CI) • Funding Body: EDF, Title: Developing methodologies enabling the prediction and management of plant behaviour under complex loading. Start/finish: Nov 2015 – April 2019. (CI) • Funding Body: EU/Leonardo, Title: QUAD GEN: 4-Rotor PM Generator System for Rotorcraft. Start/finish: Jan 2015 – March 2017. (PI) • Funding Body: EU/Leonardo, Title: Electric Rotor Tail Development Support. Start/finish: December 2014 – June 2017. (PI)
  4. 4. Current projects in machine design
  5. 5. Past projects • Shrink-fit design – modelling with a range of experimental validation techniques, including friction measurements under various loading regimes • Warm pre-stressing – probabilistic modelling of fracture toughness with experimental validation • Bearing manufacture – statistical and robust modelling with experimental validation of plain spherical bearings • Active Gurney Flap – modelling, optimisation and fatigue testing of a flexure based gurney flap for a helicopter
  6. 6. Past projects in machine design