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Harry Coules summary slides 2017


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Personal research summary 2017

Published in: Engineering
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Harry Coules summary slides 2017

  1. 1. Summary of research interests and capabilities: residual stresses, fracture and structural integrity. Dr Harry Coules EPSRC Fellow & Lecturer in Structural Integrity Solid Mechanics Research Group
  2. 2. My key research areas • Structural mechanics • Mechanics of materials • Advanced manufacturing techniques Main theme: Effects of residual and thermal stresses on structural integrity. Current research fellowship “Advanced Structural Analysis for the UK Nuclear Renaissance”
  3. 3. Effects of residual stress on elastic-plastic fracture Some current projects Multiaxial creep stress relaxation in 316H steel Above: Modelling of creep stress relaxation. Right: Measurement of creep-affected specimens. Above: Synchrotron X-ray radiograph of a crack tip during ductile tearing of ferritic pressure vessel steel. Left: Neutron diffraction and digital image correlation measurement of a 7000-series aluminium alloy specimen during fracture.
  4. 4. Some current projects Pressurised thermal shock in reactor pressure vessels Integrity of Wire + Arc Additive Manufactured structures Left: Stress profile in a WAAM specimen Far left: WAAM used to create a large metal structure Right: Thermal shock in a simulated reactor pressure vessel. Interaction of neighbouring defects in structures Right: Interaction between a pair of co- planar semi-elliptical defects.