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Andrew James summary slides 2017


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Personal research summary 2017

Published in: Engineering
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Andrew James summary slides 2017

  1. 1. Mechanistic Understanding of Crack Initiation in Carburised 316H Stainless Steel Subjected to Cyclic Loading Andrew James PhD Researcher 2015-2019 Solid Mechanics Research Group
  2. 2. 2D X-ray diffraction on small scale tensile samples Phase-specific strain evolution hkl-specific strain evolution Above: Strain evolution measured in oxide. Below: Bulk hkl information measured to inform mechanistic models Above: Sample tested under monotonic loading Below: Loading rig used in experiment
  3. 3. Identification and classification of small cracks Left: Magnified view of ductile failure region Right: One of the main surface cracks showing brittle failure in oxideAbove: Surface cracking observed post test under SEM