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Social Media Marketing - What's In It for Me?


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Short overview of the importance of social media marketing for small businesses

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Social Media Marketing - What's In It for Me?

  1. 1. Quality Training Tutors, Adisson, TX April 12, 2013 Jose A. Briones, Ph.D. SpyroTek Performance Solutions Twitter: @Brioneja
  2. 2. The Social MediaUniverse Twitter: @Brioneja
  3. 3. www.Brioneja.comTwitter: @Brioneja
  4. 4. www.Brioneja.comTwitter: @Brioneja
  5. 5. www.Brioneja.comTwitter: @Brioneja
  6. 6. www.Brioneja.comTwitter: @Brioneja
  7. 7. Social Media Benefits A new study on hotel social media found that a 1- point increase in review scores on Travelocity allows a hotel to increase its price by 11.2% with no loss of occupancy. Twitter: @Brioneja
  8. 8. Contact Information Jose A. Briones, Ph.D.    Twitter: @Brioneja Twitter: @Brioneja