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ROIPayments Bootcamp Week6 GlobalCollect


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In this Boot Camp, we will hear from GlobalCollect's experts in international payment processing and review their solution set, technology stack, use cases and major customer case studies. You'll learn what the world's leading eCommerce merchants are doing to stay efficient and effective in processing payments in an ever-more fragmented market.

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ROIPayments Bootcamp Week6 GlobalCollect

  1. 1. February 25th, 2014 Brion Bonkowski Managing Director- ROIPayments Joe Goetz Business Development - GlobalCollect Technology Highlight: GlobalCollect and the Changing Landscape of Worldwide Electronic Payments Boot Camp: Week 6 Improve your Payment IQ
  2. 2. Agenda  Brief History of GlobalCollect Gateway & Product Overview  ROIPayments Partnership  Major Milestones  Target Customers / Value Pitch  Sample Customers  Product Features  Platform Review  Main Features  Unique Advantages/ Offerings  Demo  Cool Features  Multi-mid environment  Business Intelligence Stack  Sales Q & Pricing &A
  3. 3. Brief History of GlobalCollect Gateway & ROIPayments Partnership
  4. 4. ROIPayments Partner Matrix Acquirers Processors Technology
  5. 5. ROIPayments & Global Collect: Where the Partnership Works – (Hint: Wide(st) Reach) 150+ Payment Products & Methods: Local Acquirers & Processing Options: Konbini Virtual accounts
  6. 6. GlobalCollect Key Facts & Figures 1994 2005 •Started as publications invoicing division of •Mgmt. buyout created Global Collect Services B.V. 2007 •Acquired by (Dutch Post) 2008 2010 •Established presence in Asia Pacific (Singapore) •Received PSD license •Established presence in Latin America 2012 •Acquired Latin American payments specialists 2013 •Expanded Asia Pacific presence to China, Japan and Australia •Acquired by 500+ tier-one clients 400+ payment experts $8B+ Processed in 2013 250M+ transactions/year
  7. 7. GlobalCollect: Industry Focus  Travel  Publishing  Gaming  Social  Digital  Ticketing Goods Networking  Retail  Direct  Software  Telecom  Music Sales/Multi-Level Marketing
  8. 8. Sample Set of GlobalCollect Customers
  9. 9. GlobalCollect Product Features
  10. 10. The complexity of payments without GlobalCollect MERCHANT SYSTEMS PAYMENT TYPES EURO / GBP ACQUIRER USD ACQUIRER Germany (DIRECT DEBIT) Netherlands (REAL-TIME BANKING) Brazil (CASH PAYMENT) MERCHANT Choice in currency(-ies) and number of bank accounts Process transaction AND OTHERS Reporting Funds transfer
  11. 11. Reducing your payment complexity – Full Service MERCHANT SYSTEMS FULL SERVICE MODEL PAYMENT TYPES EURO / GBP ACQUIRER USD ACQUIRER Germany (DIRECT DEBIT) GLOBALCOLLECT BACK-OFFICE SYSTEMS Netherlands (REAL-TIME BANKING) Brazil (CASH PAYMENT) £ MERCHANT € Choice in currency(-ies) and number of bank accounts Process transaction AND OTHERS $ Reporting Funds transfer
  12. 12. Multiple Acquiring Channels – Optimized Routing Global Collect takes into account: Currency BIN/IIN Country Historical Success Rates Language then routes the transaction to the most appropriate acquirer Acquiring Bank #1 (looking for issuing bank match) Acquiring Bank #2 (looking for issuing bank match) approvals costs Acquiring Bank #3 (looking for issuing bank match) Preferred Payment Method
  13. 13. Highlighted Functionality to Demonstrate  Case Study on how optimal routing and backup acquiring channels increase revenue:  Large US based travel company- used GlobalCollect to retry all failed transactions from Paymentech through GlobalCollect Dates: 1/1/2011 – 3/1/2012  Total Transactions: 261,964 (USD & GBP) – Avg trx size: $320.82  Results: Total approval rate: 6.41% Additional Revenue created: $5,386,567  “Back-up Acquiring”  Elevate dashboards show payment performance w/ drill down to: • • • • Authorization rates Success rates Chargeback rates Currency and payment localization
  14. 14. GlobalCollect Demo
  15. 15. GlobalCollect Sales, Pricing, & Process  Sales & implementation teams assigned by geography & line of business  Merchant Portfolio & Threshold  Businesses processing $10M+/year OR 25k+ transactions/month  Exclusively card not present/eCommerce  Primary Value Proposition  Businesses that require bundled processing, technology, and acquiring  Growth strategies require access to long tail of payments chain; alternative payment methods, niche geographies  Engagement Process  Underwriting and due diligence process 2-4 weeks  Project implementation 2-6 months
  16. 16. Questions & Contact Info Contact Information: Brion Bonkowski 212.812.4177 x: 2134 Contact Information: Joe Goetz 415-265-0699