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  1. 1. Transforming JDRF Research. Impacting Lives. Julia L . Greenstein, PhD AVP Cure Therapies April 10, 2012 1
  2. 2. JDRF Global Leadership in T1D Research  Largest T1D non-profit: $1.6B in research funded over past 40 years  In FY11 JDRF funded: - $116 million direct support - In 18 countries - Including over 50 clinical trials  More than 80% of JDRF expenditures directly support research and research-related education  Forbes magazine called JDRF “...a tightly run organization that puts almost every dollar spent to work curing disease....” 2
  3. 3. Research Agenda of Hope for all T1D Patients  Remains #1 priority for JDRF  Recent explosion of new information about immune system & beta cells  Creating exciting new paths to a cure Julia – Cure Importance  Leveraging efforts to both curing & preventing T1DCURING T1D toremove it from thelives of our lovedones 3
  4. 4. Research Agenda of Hope for all T1D Patients  Until we can cure & prevent T1D we are committed to improving lives  The past 40 years have seen significant improvements in care Aaron – Why Treat?  Translating into longer life expectancyDevelop better  More can be done to improve theways to TREAT T1D quality of life for everyone livingallowing a better with T1Dquality of life 4
  5. 5. Research Agenda of Hope for all T1D Patients  Growth of T1D is accelerating around the world  Dramatic rise especially among young children  Children born to a family with T1D Preventing the autoimmune have a 10 time greater risk of process from ever starting developing the disease Stopping and reversing the autoimmune process early  Only prevention can alter this trend to maintain insulin independence and protect future generations from T1D 5
  6. 6. JDRF Research PrioritiesRegenerating new beta cells Artificial pancreas systems Preventing the autoimmune process from ever startingEncapsulation of alternative Novel insulins and other beta cell sources blood sugar control drugs Stopping and reversing the autoimmune process early Immune therapies Diabetic eye disease to maintain insulin independence Diagnostic, measurement Complications prevention and imaging tools 6
  7. 7. Make A Difference - Get Involved!  Give generously to speed JDRF research to cure, better treat and prevent T1D  Join a JDRF walk, ride, gala or other fund- raising event  Volunteer at your local JDRF chapter  Participate in clinicalLearn more at: research 7