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Word press custom plugin development

  1. 1. WordPress Custom Plugin Development SolutionWordPress considered as one of the foremost andpractical open source web content management systemsto build extremely customizable online identity. Thiscontent management system can customize in aneffortless method just by installing few WordPressPlugins.User at present requires putting in the accurate Plugin inyour portal to allow any desired backend functionality.The WordPress custom Plugins execute excellent results.It is best advisable and so it is good notion to installcustomized Plugins for your website, which can be easilyaccessible by just going via the method of WordpressPlugin development.At the end, you will receive a customized WordPressPlugin to install the same in your website to get bestresults to take your business to next level.WordPress Customization offers solutions to:
  2. 2.  Blog Site Social Networking sites Corporate websites Content Management System Personal websites Business websitesAccording to our research and experience most oftenpeople use these top 10 WordPress plugins to make theirwebsite presence more attractive and helpful for users:SEO Friendly Images: This Wordpress pluginrecognized for optimizing the image based content ofyour website. This plugin performs optimization on imageby tallying the precise contents in title, Meta data, and
  3. 3. appropriate keyword.All in one SEO Pack: This is mainly the most practicalWordpress plugin. It keeps your website contentoptimized as per the requirement of search engine robotsand that in involuntarily. In this fashion, it keeps you fromoptimizing the content manually. Additionally to this, itdevelops the navigation system and develops a websitebrowsing experience in good manner.Google XML Sitemap Generator: It considered, as oneof the top Wordpress plugin, which is be obliged to forevery WordPress website. This application develops andproduces XML sitemaps of your website as well asallocates Google Crawlers for logically optimizing stageof your website. Consequently, it is a mandatory pluginfor every WordPress website.
  4. 4. Contact Form 7: Contact Form 7 can handle numerouscontact forms at one go. Users can customize the formand the mail contents simultaneously with simple markupand that to smoothly & easily. The Contact Form 7supports Ajax powered, CAPTCHA, Akismet spamfiltering and lots more.WordPress Touch: The WordPress Touch is a novelplugin that change your website in a mobile site.Significantly, the mobile internet users are rising veryrapidly and quickly. Consequently, it switches yourwebsite in a mobile application such theme, which beinclined the viewers to visit your website withoutdifficulty.WordPress-PageNavi: This is one of the foremost vitalWordpress plugin. Pagination is a significant material for
  5. 5. every dynamic websites or blogs. WP-Page Navi issimple method to work out pagination with custom styles.Shareaholic: Shareaholic is a social bookmarking pluginthat assists your web-based visitors easily share yourcontent. Shareaholic is converting the method we read,discover and share content on the web.Wassup: This Plugin of WordPress does checking andobserving your analytics in real time. You can monitorand verify real time visitors, their source, referring site inaddition to the used keywords. Furthermore, it alsoinforms about the visited pages, on top of hackingendeavors on your website.W3 Total Cache: This WordPress plugin helps inspeeding up your website. W3 Total Cache thusincorporate Page cache, Minify CSS/JS, Browser cache,Database & object cache, content delivery network andmany more. Furthermore, W3 Total Cache have
  6. 6. CloudFlare shield.Broken Link Checker: This WordPress Plugin monitorslive URLs of your website. It fires you the announcementabout dead links and omitted or misplaced images andcreates area to eliminate such atypical materials from yourwebsite.All of the above-mentioned WordPress Plugins wellinstalled in a Wordpress CMS, which is to assist website.In addition, you can also choose the method to Wordpressplugin development for installing the needed functionalityin your website.
  7. 7. Author Bio:Hi, this is Brijesh from Rightway Solution, working as afrequently content writer. Rightway is well known as aWordPress Web Development Company. It providescustomize solution on WordPress Plugin Development,Web development and more. It has large team of WPdevelopers and offers to hire WordPress Developer inaffordable price. You can reach us atwww.rightwaysolution.com or call on 1-347-979-7106 forany kind of WordPress solution. Thanks.