Why is word press development popular amongst small businesses


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Why is word press development popular amongst small businesses

  1. 1. Why is WordPress Development Popular Amongst Small Businesses?There is a reason why WordPress is such a popular publishing platform and CMS. The reason issimple; it’s really very very good. The fact that this very simple looking and easy to use platform hasbeen a popular choice for so many years means it must be doing something right. WordPressdevelopment is commonly used by many businesses irrespective of their size. Small, medium andenterprise level business are using WordPress for their online presence, as it offers them atremendous range of benefits. In this article, we will take a look at the various benefits thatWordPress brings to the table and which make this a popular choice for small businesses. Money Well SpentWordPress web development is a popular choice for small businesses because it’s a cost effectiveway of getting their online presence up and running. The fact that WordPress is open source meansyou don’t have to buy the right to use this platform. What’s more, its popularity has led to theemergence of many firms offering WordPress development services, and there is tremendouscompetition between all of them. One of the many ways that they try to differentiate themselves
  2. 2. from their competition is by offering really affordable service. The fact that the cost of developing awebsite with WordPress is considerably lower as compared to websites developed on otherplatforms makes this a really good bargain for small businesses. Quick DevelopmentSmall businesses don’t like to and cannot afford to wait around endlessly for their websites to bedelivered. They want a quick turnaround time that allows them to start getting the returns on theirinvestment quickly. This is something that is possible if they pick WordPress web development.Most developers who are experienced in the use of WordPress have the ability to identify the righttheme and all the necessary plugins that meet the client requirements perfectly. This allows them tobuild a WordPress website in double quick time, which means the website can be deployed quicklyand can start achieving its objectives speedily as well. SEO FriendlinessSmall businesses typically pin all their marketing hopes on search engines from where they hope toattract organic traffic to their sites. This is only possible if the website is SEO friendly and that’swhere WordPress scores over many of its competitors. It offers website developers the opportunityto choose from a range of SEO plugins, which when integrated with the website, make it SEOfriendly. Today, there is a need for webmasters to ensure quality SEO, which passes Google’s Pandaand Penguin scrutiny. WordPress is one of the few open source platforms that ensure a website isbuilt keeping the very best SEO web practices in mind. Availability of Diverse ThemesA great website is a result of choosing the right kind of themes that perfectly suit the needs andrequirements of the businesses who own the website. This is yet another area where WordPressscores over other platforms and why it’s such a big hit amongst small businesses. The fact that theyhave the option of choosing from the numerous WordPress themes means they can pick somethingthat best suits their objectives. This leads to the creation of a successful online presence. If thebusinesses do not get a readymade theme that confirms to their website’s purpose, they can eventake the help of WordPress theme development services offered by various companies to create acustom WordPress theme developed as per their requirements. Again, this is something that is notexpensive, if you are to compare the cost of creating custom WordPress themes to custom themeson some other platforms. So all in all it becomes a win-win situation for small businesses. Easy to UseIf you take a look at WordPress from the admin perspective, you will find this is a platform thatsimplifies website management like no other platform. Making changes to the website content likemodification, update etc. is a relatively simple exercise and one doesn’t need any technicalknowledge to accomplish this quickly and efficiently. As a website owner, you also get access toplenty of other WordPress features that you can use to administer your website in a way that willhelp your business interest’s best. Good Security
  3. 3. A small business might use its website as a one-stop-resource for its target audience to get access toits products and services. In such cases, it might ask its potential customers to share some sensitiveinformation on the website. For this reason, it will need its website to be secure againstunauthorized third party access. WordPress offers plenty of plugins of diverse nature that helpimprove the security of the website and protect its data from unauthorized access. Small businessescan ensure the highest levels of security standards for their sites, thus ensuring that their WordPresssite data is protected at all times.End WordsIf you are a small business, you will be looking for a cost effective website that still meets theindustry benchmarks of functionality. This is only possible if you pick WordPress development. Withthe use of this platform you will get the benefit of an affordable online presence that also hastremendous functional efficiency.But, for the website to ensure that it brings to the small business all the benefits of WordPress, it isessential that it is developed by people who have a tremendous practical knowledge of WordPressand how it’s potential can be leveraged to the maximum. You will need to pick the right companyoffering WordPress development services, and who has a successful track record in this regard. Youmust ensure your project is handled by somebody who has tremendous WordPress expertise andexperience. If you pick the wrong company with very little experience in WordPress, chances arethat your website will be very ordinary, delivering very little or no value to your business growth.Let’s end this article by saying WordPress is one of the best open source platforms out there andbusinesses especially with smaller footprints will benefit a great deal if they pick this platform fortheir online presence.About Article Author:My self Brijesh Patel working at Rightway Solution - one of the good offshore software developmentcompany. As we all know WordPress development is so popular in today’s era. We are mostrenowned WordPress Development Company in providing affordable WordPress Website Designer,WordPress Blog Designer and Hire WordPress Developers on hourly, weekly and monthly basis. Youcan also follow us on Google+, You Tube, LinkedIn, Face Book, and Twitter for getting daily newsand updates. Thank you.